The Season of Innovation: IoT research, oil drones, edgy news, and a day to remember

Autumn is here, and it’s high time to set aside sweet summertime memories and press the turbo-button to restart your projects. This edition of our newsletter will give you plenty of useful updates from the booming high tech field as we all jumpstart into the hot business season.


Connect, Collect, Act: the IoT Mantra

It’s not for nothing that studies show the Internet-of-Things’ increasingly close association with cloud computing and efficient data management. Recently, Forbes released comprehensive stats disclosing the importance of data analytics and a powerful server backend for the IoT initiatives. Team Softeq echoes them with our mantra: “Connect, Collect, Act!”

If you’re already testing the waters of wearables and connected objects, you’re familiar with other product design challenges beyond analytics. From redefined UX, low memory footprint, and possible power drains to limited screen real estate and intermittent connections — you name it. Fancy smart clothes, sensor-rich jewelry, fitness bracelets, sports equipment, interactive furniture, industrial data loggers, and beacon apps, as well as more hardware design, mobility, and cloud projects are already in our IoT portfolio. We’re ready to work on the next big thing!


Drones Disrupting the Market: Softeq is Flying High

Softeq continues to proudly contribute to the development of software solutions for UAVs. Provided with our helping tech hand, oil drones by Sky-Futures are disrupting the market, as Bloomberg says, decreasing the risks for staff and business processes. Building 3D models and mapping anomalies — these are just a few operations the new solution would perform during inspections, and requiring just one drone operator and one engineer to fly a small aerial vehicle. We are on the cutting edge again!

Windows 10

Windows 10: Challenge Accepted

Over 100 million systems globally already run on Windows 10, and our inner geek certainly rejoices at its sensor-friendliness, Cortana’s jokes, and smooth user experience, but are you ready for “the tenth era”? Being a long-term Microsoft partner, we confirmed our Gold Application Development Competency a few weeks ago, and are all set to help you upgrade business apps for Windows 10 support. One of our projects in the Embedded Solutions Department already required Windows 10 driver development. Not sure if the upgrade will go seamlessly for your apps and devices? Shoot us an email!


Xamarin: Judgement Day

Do you care about mobile development speed and optimization? Then you would most likely appreciate a C# codebase driven Xamarin that provides a set of tools and facilitators required for custom development for each target platform. Still, the question whether native development or Xamarin would be most beneficial for your project — tops our clients’ FAQs. Take a look at our insights!


Remembering 9/11: Where Flight 93 Families Found Peace

We cannot help but mention another engagement of Softeq. We were honored to have contributed our Durateq® assistive technology for the Flight 93 Memorial, which opened on September 11, 2015. It is a great big honor and even a greater responsibility to be a part of the most important project for the US nation.


Rolling up our Sleeves

There’s a plethora of reasons and opportunities to push the envelope with a groundbreaking product, exemplary embedded solution, desktop, web or mobile business project! Feel free to ask for our helping tech hand — Softeq is just a click away.


Your Softeq Team

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