It's been a while since you've heard from us, but a lot of exciting things have happened since then. So we're happy to get back in touch and share what's been keeping us so absorbed and preoccupied lately on the development front.

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…we’d like to extend our deepest thanks to you, our Clients and Partners, for your trust in Softeq. We are sincerely grateful for the opportunity to contribute our knowledge and skills toward helping you transform your ideas into next-gen software solutions. You’ve been an inspiration, driving us to reach for new heights in delivering better service and deeper expertise.

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And our special thanks to those of you who have taken the time to summarize your impressions of working with Softeq. We’ll be sharing more...stay tuned for updates! Have something to say? Just let us know.

Finally, with the Festive Season just around the corner, we’d like to take this moment to wish you very happy holidays and joyous celebrations. Let the next year be infused with creative energy, new discoveries, amazing experiences, and fruitful endeavors (Softeq including ;-)!




Expanding into Enterprise Web to Provide Services a Typical Web Development Company is Unlikely to Handle

Web Services

We’re pushing the boundaries of a traditional web development service offering by diving into Big Data, advanced ETL, hardware-to-web, and enterprise solutions. With deep analytical skills, a solid grasp of algorithmic mathematics, and math modeling under our belt, we are well positioned to deliver resilient and secure data collection and analysis automation tools as part of web solutions and mobile apps. Enhanced with proven technologies such as .NET and Java, our unique cross-domain expertise provides a strong foundation for crafting advanced applications with powerful analytics and visualization. That’s something an average web development company is unlikely able to handle. Curious? Find more details.


Softeq Helps Top Brands Leverage the Power of Mobile Technologies

This year we've been busy building several sophisticated mobile apps that required both high-level and low-level mobile development, as well as augmenting our engineering talent pool, and honing our knowledge management processes. Below are some of the highlights.
Photo Finish
Photo Finish

Softeq leveraged the latest groundbreaking mobile technology — one of the world’s fastest mobile graphic processors — to bring a top iOS photography app to Android. The new app was designed to utilize low-level communication between the processor and the device, as well as high-level interaction with the end-user. Released for Android devices by the customer as well as bundled on Android tablet devices manufactured by multiple OEMs, this camera app brings an unparalleled end-user experience to mobile imaging. Through a wealth of next generation tools and features, the app delivers exclusive features like tap-to-track and 100 fps video with slow-motion playback.

BlizzCon Guide 2013
BlizzCon Guide 2013

Softeq has been instrumental for the past several years in helping one of the most acclaimed entertainment shows organized by Blizzard Entertainment — Blizzcon — to provide real time information support to thousands of event attendees. Blizzcon 2013 Guide is a mobile client app that utilizes several web services for fetching up-to-the-minute updates about the show’s activities. The app is integrated with a video platform to enable video streaming live from the show. The Guide also provides for the possibility to instantly post and share event news via popular social media resources.

POCs for a Leading Sports Brand

Softeq has successfully delivered several advanced mobile app prototypes for one of the world's leading sports brands. Once fully developed, these Proof-of-Concept (POC) apps will provide more compelling ways of connecting and engaging with the sports community, continuing to exceed the high standards associated with the brand. Digital sports and fitness is an area that continues to see a lot of innovation, and we're excited to be a part of it.




The Engine Under the Hood

The electronics market is deluged with a wide range of gadgets and tools. Whatever your choice — a flash memory device, a mobile phone or some minor utility — there's an 80% chance it's a piece of electronics powered by firmware we've produced. We pride ourselves in having participated in numerous projects, working together with true electronics industry trendsetters. In this 2-minute video Chris Howard, CEO and Founder of Softeq, highlights some of the notable solutions and product deliveries we've made, many of which have seen adoption worldwide.


Softeq Grabs an Honorable Mention Nod from SanDisk

Softeq's embedded engineering team recently received an honorable mention from SanDisk. Serving as the company's Offshore Development Center (ODC) since 2005, the team was a core developer of the NAND Endurance System Modeling Environment. This innovative solution was showcased during the Flash Memory Summit 2013 held in Santa Clara, CA.

Mount Vernon

Mount Vernon Welcomes Guests with Disabilities

America's most popular historic location, Mount Vernon, is now fully accessible to guests with disabilities. The Mount Vernon Estate has introduced our advanced assistive solution — the DURATEQ® — developed by Softeq and utilizing proprietary Disney SyncLink™ technology. The device of choice for the nation's most popular public venues, the DURATEQ will now provide a highly immersive and interactive experience for visually and hearing impaired individuals visiting the Estate. Florida's largest theme park, The World of Coca-Cola Museum, and Mount Rushmore National Memorial have been among the early adopters of the device. For a complete list of the dozens of sites and venues now utilizing the DURATEQ system, please visit www.durateq.com.

Keeping the Innovation Ball Rolling
Innovations More and more customers — from niche SMEs to big name technology trendsetters — are relying on Softeq for crafting state-of-the-art solutions across a wide range of domains. Some of the most sought after competencies in Softeq include firmware for consumer electronics and hi-tech gadgets, digital signal processing, industrial automation, networking, as well anything low-level.

Whatever your business size or project complexity, we're ready to take on the challenge. We'll leverage all of our engineering savvy and domain experience to provide an intelligent, lean, and powerful solution for your next innovative endeavor. Drop us a line and let's get started!