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Need for process visibility and face-to-face interaction

e.g. Meeting with company reps locally


Absence of trending technology expertise

e.g. Blockchain, machine learning


Lack of in-house software or hardware capabilities

e.g. Electronic product development

Source: Analysis of Softeq’s incoming client requests

To help our clients deal with the issues above, we’ve been setting up nearshore capabilities for European businesses; getting to grips with the industry’s hottest new technologies; and supporting the latest and the greatest ideas generated by talented startups.

Nearshore Capabilities in Europe – Grüß Gott from Munich!

Welcome to our new office in Munich, Germany! To our clients in Europe that means having closer access to first-hand client experiences — it’s now easier to discuss solutions on familiar turf, meet local Softeqians in person, as well as get a feel for our collaboration process. We’ve founded Softeq Development GmbH by acquiring NearShore Solutions, Softeq’s long-term partner in Germany.


If you'd like to understand whether our embedded programming skills and experience meet your project needs, there's an opportunity to get together for a talk at the EMBEDDED WORLD conference in Nuremberg. It'll start on Tuesday, February 27th, and we plan to attend. Alternatively, you’re welcome to schedule a visit to our office in Munich.

Since 2005, NearShore Solutions has built relationships with Lenovo, DHL, PCS, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, and the Munich Airport

On Top of Emerging Technologies

If you’re exploring the ways of putting some of today’s top trending technologies into practice, chances are we’re already learning and using them. Our current favorites are blockchain, IoT, automotive, AR/VR, machine learning, and AI.


In 2017, we organized a Blockchain Competency Center. The 30-person strong team is engaged in the R&D of emerging tools and services along with their use cases. We know how to create smart contracts with specific sets of rules; integrate them with a ready-made or custom oracle service that listens to external events; create and integrate into blockchain cryptocurrency wallets and analytical tools; as well as test if the blockchain software functions as expected.

We’re already thinking about how to implement the 3rd generation of blockchain. Learn some ways of mitigating blockchain 3.0 vulnerabilities in a presentation by Chris Howard, Softeq’s CEO and Founder. It was delivered at the recent Blockchain 3.0 conference in Seoul, Korea.

We’re ready to discuss and advise whether blockchain can be instrumental for your type of business.


We’ve become particularly strong in such IOT areas as Sports, Smart Energy, and Automotive. If you’re looking to leverage a mix of hardware, web, mobile, and low-level technology for sports apparel or wearables, managing power consumption or distribution, or human machine interfaces for monitoring critical vehicle parameters based on vehicle computer data, we’re ready to assist.


The automotive domain has been big at Softeq for many years, and accelerated in 2017. We've been digging deeper into such areas as automotive HMI, 360° surround view camera systems, 3D surround view systems, automated car parking systems, in-vehicle infotainment, in-vehicle display systems, and vehicle telematics. We're currently helping a UK electric vehicle maker put together a multi-unit solution consisting of an HMI unit, in-vehicle display system and infotainment system, that will be installed in electric commercial vehicles. Need a hand in all things automotive? We can help.

Machine Learning, AI, Deep Learning

We’ve been honing our ML/AI/DL skills in R&D and real-world projects. The areas we've advanced in include computer vision, geospatial data analysis, movement detection, demand forecasting, and NLP. If you aim to build a neural network for traffic sign detection, perform satellite imagery analysis, forecast specific product demand, implement self-driving system, or something new, we have hands-on experience to share.

What’s next? We’ve started a robotics user group. The robots are coming, so we want to be ready :-) Besides, someone has to prevent the #roboapocalypse!

Startups are Where You Find the Coolest Tech

Softeq has been supporting the startup community in Texas for many years now: we’ve hosted panel discussions on hot topics in tech industry and helped several startups accelerate unique tech solution released to the market. We love to work with startups, in Texas and worldwide. This way we keep track of the coolest and unconventional technologies and products and obtain experience before our clients need it: bent screen smartphone engineering, creating chatbots, blockchain development, machine learning applications — we’ve already done that!

Houston Exponential, an initiative formed by Mayor of Houston, aims to drive the region to become a top 10 startup ecosystem by 2022


Neosus focuses on the utility app market. It has already launched a number of products, including Translate Me and Live Translator.

Our 2017 Fast Facts

We keep challenging ourselves with new technological competencies and business strategies. If you’re looking for a dedicated expertise, specific technological skills or you’d like to assess the emerging tech applicability to your business needs, we’d be happy to help.