Q2 Cohort 2022
Investor Demo Day

About the Start-Ups


Babila is a social platform to help families in the Middle East find and employ household (migrant) workers providing them better working and living conditions.
Contact CEO Nick Billoti at nick_billotti@yahoo.com

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Concerto Commerce

Concerto Commerce, is an eCommerce platform that combines catalog management and payment processing to streamline reseller operations.
Contact CEO Paul Huff at paul@concertocommerce.com

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Dailyhumanis a SaaS learning platform for companies that aims to solve the $1T employee turnover and disengagement problem in the US by taking employees *inward* to develop the psychological skills that are the prerequisites of highly-engaged teams.
Contact CEO Josh Roenitz at josh@dailyhuman.com

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Hype is a companionship app, an easy-to-use, innovative, and secure way for kids 15 to 24 to access an early banking experience, including financial planning, device protection, peer-to-peer payments, AI-based savings, and resources for personal finance management, protected by blockchain. We also offer access to a health platform, and resources to keep kids safe during their adulting process.
Contact CEO Carlos A. Mendez at cmendez@hypeapp.mx

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High Tech Ranch Solutions

High Tech Ranch Solutions, is a digital ranch management system designed by ranchers to bring monitoring to the palm of your hand.
Contact CEO Mitchell Wallace at mitchwallace20@gmail.com

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Homesavi is a platform that helps first-time homebuyers understand the home-buying process and guides them to their dream home.
Contact CEO Adam Black at adam@homesavi.com

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Louder.ai is an advertising platform that revolutionizes how people can support causes they care about and see the impact of their donations.
Contact CEO William Gorfein at william@louder.ai

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Mallard Bay

Mallard Bay is a marketplace for guided hunting and fishing trips that streamlines booking and administrative processes for consumers
and outfitters.
Contact CEO Logan Meaux at logan@mallardbay.com

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PracticeAxis is a HIPAA compliant CRM that streamlines intake processes at private therapy clinics to increase access to mental health care and offers business insights as they scale.
Contact CEO Berit Elizabeth at berit@practiceaxis.com

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SAmAS Gamify

SAmAS Gamify is a gamified psychometric assessment platform that helps employers evaluate and select the most qualified candidates.
Contact CEO Moustafa Hadidi at hadidi@samas.icu

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ShopAgain is an AI-powered customer retention platform redefining personalized customer experiences for eCommerce businesses.
Contact CEO Maruti Agarwal at maruti@shopagain.io

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TeeMates Golf

TeeMates Golf is a social platform that connects golfers to one another and allows them to communicate, play together, and make exchanges in a smarter way all in one place.
Contact CEO Lydia Davies at lydia@teematesgolf.com

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ViiT Health

ViiT Health, is a non-invasive technology to help people measure and monitor blood sugar levels more accurately without a finger prick lancet.
Contact CEO Fernando Gomez de la Maza at luisf@viit.health

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WorkHint helps retail companies manage on-demand hourly talent to increase flexibility, reduce cost, and generate actionable data-driven
Contact CEO Mahmood Abbas at mahmood@workhint.com

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