H1 Cohort 2023
Demo Day

About the Start-Ups: H1 2023

AIM7 | Houston, TX

AIM7 is the data intelligence platform that unlocks wearable and health data to provide customized and predictive wellness solutions.

Contact CEO Erik Korem at erik@aim7.com


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Avendly | Providence, RI

Avendly makes robotic automation for restaurants to help, not supplant humans. Its first of many products is Mixibot, an integrated back-bar cocktail vending system.

Contact CEO Peter Haas at peter@avendly.com


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ClioVis | Austin, TX

ClioVis is meeting a new generation of
students where they are and how they learn. The company provides unique experiential learning tools designed for today's content-creator students, who learn by doing, not rote memorization.

Contact CEO Erika Bsumek at erika@cliovis.com


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Flometrica | Tel Aviv, Israel

Flometrica is a digital health solution featuring "use anywhere" devices to remotely monitor and diagnose various urinary tract problems through analysis of different urine parameters.

Contact CEO David Akunis at david@flometrica.co.il



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Gophr | Lake Charles, LA

Gophr is a technology-driven logistics company that provides tailored and efficient delivery solutions for various industries, individuals, and businesses of all sizes.

Contact CEO Warren Vandever at



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KarChing | Chicago, IL

KarChing is a teen driver app and platform that assesses driving risks and delivers qualified drivers with a score to insurance companies, which creates behavior-based, discounted insurance pricing for families. The platform also promotes safer teen driving behavior through cash + gamification and saves lives.

Contact CEO Ramsey Gouda at ramsey@karching.com


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Meander | Houston, TX

Meander collects travel customer satisfaction micro-surveys as people go about their trips. The research platform rewards travelers for sharing their pics, videos, and insights.

Contact CEO Malcom Woods at


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MEedia | Sacramento, CA

Presser. puts a professional press conference event in your pocket. Individuals can create broadcast-worthy interactive shareable content with just their phone.

Contact CEO Jeff Clark at jeffc@presser.app


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MeterLeader | Huntington Beach, CA

MeterLeader gamifies saving energy in homes by using real-time utility data and behavioral science. We're like a Fitbit challenge for your home, but instead of steps we measure kWh, therm, and CO2 reductions.

Contact CEO Natalie Zandt at nzandt@meterleader.com


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PayOnDelivery | Houston, TX

PayOnDelivery integrates secure payment with delivery for markets like Craigslist and Facebook. Itโ€™s low-hassle, fraud-free buying and selling for peer-to-peer marketplaces.

Contact CEO Jeff Fashakin at jeff@payondelivery.com


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Picasso Analytics | Lake Charles, LA

The Picasso Analytics platform can reduce delays and save oil refiners and petrochem owners 10-15 percent on multi-million dollar turnaround events by providing a single source of truth integrating the schedule, time entry, and shop status. Contact CEO Jared Oakley at jared@picassoanalytics.com


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Toivoa | Sarasota, FL

Toivoa develops personalized digital therapeutics engineered to directly improve mental health for people with disabilities. Our platform is prescription-based, clinically validated, fully accessible, and delivered on your phone.

Contact CEO Laura Randa at lranda@toivoa.us

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UpBrainery Technologies | Houston, TX

UpBrainery helps students explore careers through digital experiences. AI guides their interests in career paths and credentials their achievements for employers and colleges.

Contact CEO Ghazal Qureshi at ghazal@upbrainery.com


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WellWorth | Houston, TX

WellWorth is a financial modeling SaaS platform that helps upstream oil & gas finance leaders improve their decision-making around raising, managing, and deploying capital.

Contact CEO Samra Nawaz at samra@wellworthapp.com


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