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Softeq is a technology partner beyond technology. We provide full-cycle custom software development and R&D services, build proof-of-concept applications, and bring together ideas, goals and instruments.

Custom Software Development

We offer well-managed and transparent processes to convert your custom app idea or hardware design from a concept on paper to a marketable product. We know how to balance between cost, time and quality with the help of advanced delivery control system, intense communication and thorough business analysis.

Software Prototyping

Should you be working on a cutting-edge novelty, be it a device or an application, or requiring a real-life test-drive to avoid costly requirements changes or improve UX, going first with a proof-of-concept (POC) is a smart idea and a budget-safe move. Softeq’s analysts and architects will guide you through the process to help you look at your idea from multiple angle in terms of both implementation, business and end-user.

Apps and Data Integration

We offer extensive software architecture engineering expertise and a wide array of advanced instruments to help you bridge the technology divide between your systems on platforms or processing heterogeneous data. Softeq Enterprise Web Development team offers custom development of powerful integration solutions with online services and solutions, payment gateways, mobile solutions, corporate IT-ecosystem and data warehouses.

UI and Front-end Development

Softeq experts know user behavior in and out and are ready to help you match user expectations with the technical capabilities of frameworks and devices you are working on. Applying the domain knowledge, deep-rooted skills with low-level programming and hardware design, Softeq makes a unique offering for all clients seeking UI and front-end development services: from mobile and web to visual interfaces for devices.

Backend Development

Development of a powerful backend capable of processing large amounts of heterogeneous data is a crucial part of any software development project. Provided as a separate service, as part of a full-stack development project, or demanded for re-engineering a legacy corporate system being in continuous use, it requires expert programming and testing skills. Explore Softeq’s capabilities in backend development for various solution types.

Quality Assurance

Our goal meets yours – we strive to deliver a truly stable, reliable, and user-friendly product, be it a B2C app, a novel gadget or an line-of-business software solution. Learn more about our approach to achieving this goal, explore our methodology and tools.

Maintenance and Support

Softeq is a responsible solution provider taking a great care of its clients and delivered projects during and after the implementation. We provide SLA-based maintenance and support services to ensure excellent performance, usability, continuous improvement and upgrade of applications delivered by Softeq or by a third-part vendor. Our team has a strong competence in legacy app modernization and project rescue while maintaining your business operations uninterrupted.

Embedded Software

We develop software for consumer electronics products, smart gadgets, and data storage devices — from firmware to drivers and device apps. We know how to tweak Linux or Android so that it allows for implementing custom features beyond the default functionality. Whether you aim for a fitness device, smart piece of jewelry, sensor-enabled data logger or an end-to-end connected device ecosystem, we’ll make sure the underlying software works fast, has a small memory footprint, supports seamless communication between the functional units, and allows for unique capabilities.

Hardware Design

We’ve hands-on experience in building hi-end gadgets, complex automotive electronic devices, and industrial electronics — both as complete end-to-end solutions or standalone components. Whether you want to test your idea for feasibility before committing to full-scale product launch. Or if you require expertise in driving a full-cycle production process — from concept to board bring-up, field trials, and mass production, we’ve complete full-stack capabilities under a single roof. The hardware we design complies with the RoHS/CE/UL/FCC standards. This helps through the mandatory certification process and ensures admittance to production.

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