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Softeq Goes into Big Data to Enhance Web Development Service Offering

Web Development Service

November 13, 2013

Softeq Development Corporation, a seasoned provider of embedded software and firmware development services, dips into Big Data Analytics to meet the clients’ need for high-performance forecasting analytics and timely actionable insights.

In the era of visualization, the company exploits its analytical skill and strong background in algorithmic mathematics and math modelling to complement its web development service offering — from Enterprise Web through eCommerce and BI to advanced Data Mining — with complex data processing solutions and data presentation tools going beyond standard business reports based on static data.

With accelerated demand for efficient means for secure storage, quick processing, and any-time access to business-relevant data and enterprise resources wherever they are needed by corporate users, Softeq capitalizes on its core firmware-centric expertise to produce advanced ETL-solutions and web backends for varied B2E and B2C mobile apps. Softeq helps enrich corporate environments with online modules and end-to-end web applications, while overcoming technology challenges and business process complexities on the way to fully functional and highly scalable solutions with excellent usability and rich interfaces.

We have found a way to translate our one-of-a-kind expertise in heterogeneous data analysis on the low level that we’ve been wrapped up in for the past fifteen years and know it in and out, into web-based solutions for enterprises,” — commented Chris Howard, CEO and Founder of Softeq. “The recently completed projects attest to the fact that Softeq avails of both this uncommon skill set and a very specific talent to ensure success on the road to advanced Web.”

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