Advanced PHP Development

North of 80% of the web is powered by PHP-based technologies, and enterprise web relies on them just as much as on .NET and Java. Softeq’s clients can count on our high-caliber PHP team in building future-proof web solutions that guarantee interoperability, high availability and security of your online service in the long run.


PHP Development: Our Focus Areas

  • PHP development under Linux
  • Application deployment, stabilization and ongoing maintenance
  • Multi-tier web server architecture design, implementation, configuration and fine-tuning
  • MySQL database development and optimization
  • Content-rich portal development on Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc
  • Support of AMP running on Windows servers and other web servers

PHP Competence and Agility for Line-of-Business App Development

The hand-picked PHP development talent at Softeq helps household name companies, SMBs and ambitious startups lead their way. Having a way with complex web environment and excelling at system engineering, server-side scripting and frontend design tested in multiple engagements with high-profile clients, Softeq’s PHP competence proves to be instrumental in implementing varied type of solutions:

  • Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • CRM tools, integrated workflow management and enterprise mashups
  • eCommerce and Social Commerce
  • Web Portals, Extranets, Intranets
  • Interactive media applications and entertainment portals
  • Interest-based communities and Social Networkingapplications

Solutions Cut for High Engagement and Productivity Boost

Softeq’s PHP professionals are driven by the flexibility and opportunities provided by the PHP programming domain and apply their tech flair to create top-of-the-line applications that both underlie corporate data exchange and collaboration, and offer rich functionality and tantalizing dynamic content to the users of our clients’ online solutions. Our full cycle service offering includes:

  • Custom applications, extensions and modules development
  • Data Integration and APIs
  • Code Refactoring and legacy Systems Reengineering



  • Business Growth


    Enabling seamless integration with other technologies, PHP is perfectly fit for the development of web and mobile web solutions that remain easily maintainable over time. It fosters speedy incrementation of key application functionality. Our PHP development specialists give our clients the competitive edge of accelerated TTM, allowing them to become the first on the market and take the lead by quickly rolling out their solutions and painlessly scaling them with new features.


  • Security


    At Softeq we hone thorough understanding of enterprise development paradigm and information security best practices, and woo the best industry talent. Relying on senior-level competence, our PHP experts hold to mature enterprise-grade frameworks such as Zend Framework, Symfony, CakePHP, Phalcon, Laravel and others, and transfer this maturity level to end solutions. We shore up the security of applications and exclude any possible loopholes that may result in sensitive data exploits — all this without waiving the performance rates and complexity of business logic.


  • UI


    Users DO judge an application by its cover. Taking advantage of micro-frameworks like Slim, Silex, MINI, Softeq helps companies test the cover of their solutions. We provide UI and API prototyping services and turn to rapid application development to experiment with the presentation layer and assess UI appeal with interactive HTML prototypes. Therefore, our clients can avoid costly correction of mistakes during after-release stages.


  • ROA or SOA


    Building on years of experience in corporate domain and online consumer business, Softeq is equally capable of implementing both SOA-based solutions to bridge enterprise software services and developing JSON APIs to provide integrated UX for nimble and lightweight web applications. By creating simple RESTful Web APIs and tightly interfacing Web services, Softeq’s PHP team ensures seamless data integration, smooth information flow and high level of interactivity of our clients’ solutions.


  • Dynamics


    By blending UI acumen with server-side scripting skills and utilizing MVC-focused PHP frameworks like MINI, FuelPHP, Kohana and others, Softeq creates interactive media applications, news and media portals, and web solutions for entertainment industry that can process millions of queries, display dynamic content and remain extremely responsive to user actions.


  • Cross-Platform


    Being strong on front-end development and skillfully using UI technologies, cross-platform development tools (including PhoneGap, Unity, Xamarin) and MVC principles, Softeq builds cross-platform mobile solutions. By employing our PHP development competence, we power the server side of such apps and create Web services that will feed data to them. This helps our clients make their online business ubiquitous and platform-agnostic, and gain maximum reach to their audience.

Expertise Applied across the Full Cycle

Combining solid tradition in web application development, nurtured over the years of hands-on practice, with focus on highly integrated solutions for business and strict adherence to security implementation best practices, we build highly scalable applications. They serve as the basis for our clients’ agility in ever-changing business environment and as momentum for their ideas. Our PHP team covers every step of the SDLC way, including:

  • Business Analysis
  • System Architecture Design
  • UI/UX Design and Prototyping