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Fit as a Dog: How to Transform a Human Pedometer into a Dog's Step Counter

November 30, 2016

From human steps counting to tracking a dog’s walking behavior. Softeq repurposed a human activity tracker into a four-leg step counter built into a smart dog collar.

CQRS for Enterprise Web Development: What's in it for Business?

September 25, 2016

CQRS is the acronym that refers to a software architecture pattern and the concept that every software engineering specialist interested in Domain Driven Design will eventually come across. But what’s the idea behind it? Why in some situations can CQRS be a better alternative to a commonly practiced N-tier software architecture? How do these two patterns compare to each other? And more importantly, the thing that really matters in this case is, “what’s in it for business?” Let’s try to figure out how the CQRS application architecture can add value and pay off in big ways.

The Connected Car Is Here to Stay: Major Concerns and Far-reaching Changes

April 20, 2016

In some couple of years, we are going to hit the road with the connected car, we’re absolutely positive about that! Provided that businesses will soon intensely struggle to win the mass connectivity race, we made our minds to contemplate what kind of changes and challenges are just around the corner from the automotive market player standpoint. High time to draw logical conclusions on how to tailor your car business strategies to those new “all-mobile and connected” user needs. Here we go with our insights on the road ahead the automotive economy.

Expert Interview Series: Chris Howard, CEO of Softeq, Discusses Proximity Technology

October 18, 2016

According to the Gartner forecast, the number of connected devices will be approximately 21 billion by 2020, while the global IoT market is predicted to reach nearly $14 trillion by 2022, and M2M/IoT-related services will grow to $120 billion by 2018. There is practically no way for businesses in the near future to ignore this trend.

Xamarin: The Universal Soldier in the Cross-platform Development Camp

September 15, 2016

In the appification of business, cross-platform development can become an issue. Read on to see if Xamarin might be the solution to your cross-platform development needs.

Velocity Momentum: How to Make It Work for Project Planning and Management

September 10, 2015

Recently, we had a talk with a Certified Scrum Professional Mrs. Nadezhda Svirnovskaya, about her experince and how she leverages it in her current role of Process Manager. Here’s a summary of her insights on how to make an average velocity concept a powerful tool for your Agile team.

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