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5 Core Project Roles Available via Softeq's DDC Model

  • Project Manager

    The main contact person, he/she is responsible for managing and coordinating the project team, tracking the project budget and schedule, driving communication, meeting deadlines, as well as ensuring quality of the delivered solution.

  • Business Analyst

    Responsible for requirements gathering, analysis, and documenting, while maintaining intensive communication with the Customer and the development team.

  • Senior Developer / Software Architect

    Involved in implementing technical mechanisms underlying the future solution functionality, conducting research and software architecting.

  • QA Engineer

    Performs all kinds of testing to identify rough spots in software: functional, performance, security, etc.; producing quality reports, assuring the quality of the solution.

  • Developer

    Responsible for implementing the required functionality.

In addition, our customers get access to the Softeq's accumulated technological and domain knowledge via Softeq's tech experts / R&D specialists that may be temporarily (or, in some cases, permanently) allocated to the customer's dedicated development team.

Development Approach

Drawing on the philosophy of partnership, we strive to understand the business of our clients to be able to provide more value through software development services. By closely collaborating with the project stakeholders on the client side we ensure better integration with the client’s workflows, environment, and tools; higher quality of the delivered solution, as well as responsive requirements management for rapid change request processing.

Project Management Methodologies We Support

We’ve years of experience in a variety of development methodologies, including: Agile, Waterfall, Rational Unified Process, Rapid Application Development.

The Agile and RUP methodologies have proved to be the most popular process frameworks favored by Softeq’s team for the right mix of tools, techniques, and practices. The choice of the most suitable project management and development methodology will depend on the work scope and project duration and will provide the best balance of risk mitigation, cost, and progress control.

Team Setup Through Cross-expertise Filtering

At Softeq we employ special filters for screening out the best matching candidates. This significantly facilitates the DDC team staffing process:

  • Filtering by Technology Skillset: candidates with the most relevant technology skills and experience will be filtered out
  • Filtering by Domain Expertise: candidates possessing extensive product development experience within a specific business domain will be selected

During the filtering process the candidates who match the Client’s requirements both across the technology and domain competencies are given higher priority over the candidates with a single line of expertise.

Knowledge Management and Communication

To make knowledge transfer between the Customer and the dedicated team a smoothly integrated process, we employ the following approach:

Leveraging structured knowledge to access aggregated team’s experience

To make the aggregated team’s experience available for sharing with the new team members in DDC and at the customer’s site, all the project artifacts and documentation, including task and issue history, will be stored and become accessible through special well-structured document and media repositories.

Seamless communication and full transparency

Depending on the development methodology underlying the project implementation that require more or less frequent communication for tracking the work progress, the DDC team will hold periodic online meetings and conference calls. This will ensure greater project transparency and manageability, while facilitating better understanding between the parties.

Onsite visits / Keeping Softeq's specialists on customer's premises

To get the most out of the knowledge transfer process and eliminate possible misunderstandings or miscommunication, Softeq may commission several core DDC team members to travel to the Customer’s site to serve as communication mediators between the in-house and the DDC teams.

Secure Dedicated Working Environment

Softeq rolls out a dedicated secure infrastructure across an isolated office space, which is set up in compliance with the best practice recommendations on information security management. Some of the key security controls installed within the DDC are:

  • Incident Response Systems
  • Segregated network and servers with video surveillance cameras
  • Restricted cards- and turnstile-based access to the protected area
  • Asset Management Controls
  • Special Human Resources Security and Legal Policies imposing non-disclosure engagement terms, as well as governing employee onboarding, transfer, and resignation options

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