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Wargaming, an online game developer and publisher and one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market.


First and foremost — an ability to deliver quality work within tight timelines. Softeq was recommended to Wargaming by its partner — Dialect Inc., a San Francisco based brand engagement agency, which had successfully worked with Softeq on a number of projects, including the one dealing with digital content delivery app implementation for NVIDIA.

Wargaming needed an experienced service provider to adapt its mobile digital multiplatform (iOS, Android) magazine app ‘Let’s Battle’, created to promote the company’s armored warfare game World of Tanks, to the needs of the Russian-speaking audience. The magazine features in-depth stories along with the latest game news and updates.


Possibility to flip through the digital pages to go through a series of stories, interviews, interactive strategy guides, historical background, and the latest game news and updates.

The bulk of the player base of World of Tanks, an internationally acclaimed game with the gaming audience spanning Western and Eastern Europe, USA, and Asia, is located in Russia and former USSR countries. Softeq’s team had to localize the textual and graphic content of the application taking into account the historical, semantic, and cultural aspects of the Russian nationality, as well as laying it out on the app pages.


Softeq’s team delivered the work within the allocated timeframe rolling out the magazine app for iOS and Android devices.

‘Let’s Battle’ serves as an efficient tool for Wargaming to connect and engage with the game fans and build stronger loyalty to the brand.

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