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  • Windows
  • C#
  • SQLite


Softeq was engaged to create a Windows Phone proof-of-concept sports app targeting casual runners and joggers to help them track their running progress and performance.


Compliant with Microsoft’s Modern UI Design guidelines, the app runs on Windows Phone 8.1 and provides the following capabilities:

  • Possibility to pre-select some specific conditions peculiar to running:
    • - Type of running (e.g. timer, distance, free run, etc.)
    • - Type of surface (e.g. indoor, track, etc.)
  • Set running options (e.g. GPS tracking, possibility to listen to music, stopwatch timer, etc.)
  • Post-process the running session (e.g. set the mood, add comments, view the running track on the map)

The sports app is integrated with Cortana to enable control via voice commands.

Key Features:
  • Runs Dashboard:
    • - Total kilometers
    • - Total runs
    • - Average pace
  • Running Settings:
    • - Type of running (Basic, Distance, Time)
    • - Location (Indoor, Outdoor)
    • - Music player
    • - GPS signal strength
    • - Current timer
    • - Distance
    • - Fuel
  • Activity — the list of previous runs
  • Account Settings:
    • - User profile
    • - Push notifications

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