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One of the world's largest manufacturers of computer printers, as well information and imaging related equipment.


This engagement was a result of a previous successful project collaboration referred to by one of Softeq’s past customers. Softeq was recommended as a subject-matter expert in the web and mobile application development field and stood up to the kudos with a strong portfolio of implemented solutions and mature team of skilled software and QA engineers.

The client wanted to stimulate potential buyer activity in respect of its scanner product line by providing a free service that allows users to scan fiscal receipts and manage the acquired data.


Softeq created a web-based application for storing and organizing receipts. The communication between the app and the scanner is supported through special drivers installed on the device. The scanned receipts are sent to the web application, which further forwards the image data to the server to convert them into editable documents through Optical Character Recognition (OCR). After the OCR process, the data can be organized into categories. The user may choose to generate reports on all receipts stored in a given category.

Outstanding Features:
  • Fast receipt scanning and accurate text recognition
  • Offline mode support, which is not common for online systems
  • Scalability: the app is a highly extendable web solution with a host of features for potential implementation supported by the driver

Other functional capabilities are:

  • Import receipts
  • Export receipts
  • Organize receipts by folders
  • Generate reports on selected receipts
  • Customize receipt text (e.g. make corrections, enable automatic categorizing)
  • Synchronize receipts stored in the application with the server for backup purposes


The app is expected to leverage the HTTPS secure communications protocol capabilities.


The team employed a conventional Waterfall-based software development process due to well-defined requirements availability.


The resulting solution will support a selection of client’s scanning devices targeting individuals and small businesses across U.S. and Canada, taking into account the federal accounting procedures. The customer is happy with the team’s performance and plans to further tap Softeq’s software engineering strengths to extend the system with a mobile app, enhance the web app’s features, as well as provide technical support of the delivered solution range.

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