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The client is a vendor of self-storage security solutions.


The client was looking to engage a trusted development team with a proven expertise in wireless web technologies, capable of building robust PoC solutions. Softeq specializes on proximity solutions and has worked on numerous projects involving wireless technology to underlie smart devices equipped with advanced battery power or workplace electronics. That is why the company stood out as an eligible candidate. The client entitled Softeq to carry out extensive research and analysis works followed by end-to-end product development.


Based on a thorough R&D, the team worked out a comprehensive development roadmap and then backed it up with a fail-safe web-based app that would help keep the storage facilities protected from unauthorized access.

The solution is a cost effective tool designed to remotely control wireless locks network and safeguard the access to storage units. To arrange communication between the front office and individual locks, the system employs radio signals. The app integrates with the most recent accounting software to track user payments and helps manage electronic padlocks, embedded locks with a user interface, and combined locking systems. The app features an alert mode that notifies the front office or the police of any unauthorized access attempts.


Considering that the solution’s API belonged to the third party team, Softeq was to focus much on ensuring API stability to preclude the system from outages.


The team employed iterative and incremental development methodology that allows to gradually implement functionality enhancements up to the final version’s launch.


Softeq delivered a well-functioning MVP meeting the rapid deployment timeline. The solution’s presentation at the tech show was a success, resulting in numerous accolades across the IT community. Having garnered the increased customer loyalty, the app quickly grows in sales.

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