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Dominguez Technologies LLC


The client was looking for an experienced software implementation service provider with a solid background in mobile application development. Softeq proved its competency by demonstrating an impressive track record of successfully implemented mobile projects delivered to a wide range of customers operating in a variety of business domains — Event Management, Technology, e-Learning, Digital Content Distribution, Sports, Gaming, and more.

The customer required a business app that would accommodate the needs for personal financial asset tracking and management. Once successful, the client nurtured the plans of offering the solution to banks. One of the mandatory requirements was the app had to display correctly on screens with 320 х 200 px resolution.


Softeq’s Mobile App Development team built Credit Debit Organizer that serves as a financial asset manager, which securely stores such sensitive data as credit cards, personal account details and related transactions, income figures and expenses, various reports, etc. The app provides for the following features:

  • Storing unlimited credit cards using the last four digits to identify accounts
  • Universal accounts management
  • Built-in intelligent code recognizer
  • Low funds and overdraft alert notifications
  • Tax folder and payment organizer
  • Personal and business expense tracking with automatically sent alert notifications
  • Organizing tax expenses by storing, sharing and printing expenses to identify unwanted charges
  • Organizing rewards compatible with most global currency exchanges


All the information is stored in an encrypted database using SQLCipher, an SQLite extension that provides transparent 256-bit AES encryption of database files.


Given the adopted workflow for implementing customer’s requirements sequentially, the team employed the Waterfall software development process.

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