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The client’s business is a startup company looking to tap into the mobile application development domain.


The customer had an idea of a universal solution that would facilitate the process of making purchases across multiple entertainment venues regardless of the buyer’s physical location. Having a comprehensive portfolio of projects spanning mobile and web domains, Softeq was selected to take on the project.

Softeq was to work out a detailed vision and scope document specifying the required functionality of the envisioned solution. The system was intended to automate trade processing within the target entertainment and catering venues across the USA.


The solution comprises the following components (including potential):

  • A multiplatform mobile application for the visitors of target venues that identifies the user device location via GPS and compiles a list of entertainment venues nearby, as well as provides related news, services, menus, and more. The user can place an order for a product or service from any venue and have it delivered to the destination of his/her choice. In case of emergency, the app allows contacting security and guest services, asking for customer support, and offers the option to leave a message and share a feedback on the app’s blog or website.
  • An advertising website that provides information about the solution along with a possibility to log in to the control panel.
  • A web portal for administrative staff of target venues.


The solution supports encrypted data exchange between the user and the back-end, transmitting information to the web server over the HTTPS connection.


Softeq helped the client create a detailed roadmap for implementing the solution that is positioned to provide users with an opportunity to easily make purchases across multiple entertainment venues and pick them up on the go, as well as take control of emergency situations. Offering a full range of products and services available immediately, the system is intended to foster customer loyalty and increase sales for the vendors involved in the project.

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