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A US-based provider of product development, custom application development and IT consulting services with software development facilities located in Russia


The client was looking for a strong development partner with a profound background in low-level programming and embedded engineering.

With Softeq’s extensive practice in firmware development drawing on successful collaborations with industry leaders, OEMs, and emerging producers of innovative goods, backed by a team of skilled embedded software engineers, it was more than fit to take on the project.

Softeq's embedded development team was to implement a driver-level proxy utility that would provide full control of the receipt contents by enabling a fiscal data recorder (FDR) to capture and manage transaction-related data collected by a POS. This was to be achieved through the following features:

  • The data capture was to be executed on the FDR driver level with the help of a proxy driver that needed to be implemented.
  • The team was to create a utility that would allow setting up the original FDR driver.
  • A testing app was to be developed that would allow verifying the utility worked as expected.


The following functional capabilities were implemented to support communication with the external programming module (EPM):

System requests
  • EPM initialization
  • Ending communication session with the EPM
System requests processing:
  • Data transfer through the EPM
  • Receiving response from the EPM
  • Ending requests processing session and releasing the object
Session management:
  • Requesting to end session
  • Generating a new receipt
  • Adding an item to the goods/services register
  • Removing the last item in the goods/services register
  • Adding industry code (Services, Hospitality, Restaurants Oil and Petroleum. Taxi Services, Parking Lots)
  • Adding new service fields
  • Finalizing (closing) the receipt
  • Cancelling the last receipt before its finalization
  • Obtaining the receipt number and QR code
  • Requesting X/Z report generation


The project was delivered on time and on budget.

The utility is expected to aid SMBs in reporting their financial activities to the local tax office, while providing holistic view of all transactions made across the companies’ chain stores.

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