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The client is the world’s top microprocessor, processor, and semiconductor chip manufacturer.


The customer was after a trusted service provider with an advanced expertise in mobile technologies along with a thorough knowledge of firmware development ins and outs. Drawing on the successful track record of previous projects, Softeq’s long-standing customer decided on the company’s full-blown proficiency in both software and hardware development by assigning yet another innovative project to Softeq’s team.

The client was looking to engage an outsourced team to implement a smart solution exclusively meant for internal development teams focused on motion tracking, pattern recognition, and AI associated projects. Softeq was hired to deliver a neatly functioning iOS app and undertake a part of firmware development responsibilities.


The solution is an iPad Pro app meant for retrieving activity stats from a motion tracking device attachable to sports garments.

To capture the data on athletes’ performance, a coach makes sure that each member of the team has the wearable device placed onto the waistband. All the way during the game, the tracker’s embedded accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer sensors harbor the stats in their local memory. As soon as the sports activities are over, one can sync the whole team’s devices at one go with the app via Kinduct API uploading massive data packs to the cloud for further AI processing. Machine Learning algorithms analyze each player’s condition and make predictions for possible injuries. Provided with the comprehensive resulting stats, the coaches, doctors, and other staff can work out a roadmap on how to improve their team’s activity.


As long as the system was supposed to avoid data abuse while copying stats from multiple devices via BLE, the team specifically worked on data capturing and syncing process ramp-up.


Softeq employed the Waterfall project management methodology combined with Scrum, enabling a well-defined project implementation sequence.


Softeq delivered the product with all the required functionality in place, meeting the deadline and budget restrictions. The customer was impressed with both the team’s performance and the resulting solution.

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