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VeeVoce is a local business search and recommendations directory that provides personal referrals and suggestions about companies within specific venues getting users rewarded for their shares and opinions.


The client required a team of specialists having a strong expertise in Xamarin development to help create a personal recommendations app for both individuals and businesses to share their pictures and suggestions on the HoReCa establishments they visit. The quality requirements were very high, for the client considered the app designed as their new offering within Costa Rica destination intended to increase customer loyalty for the client’s affiliates.

Softeq was to deliver a picture-sharing and networking mobile app taking on responsibilities on complete front-end development and smooth integration of the solution with a number of services — both within the client’s infrastructure and third party one.


The solution operates by an Instagram-like principle processing photos and metadata from users’ devices and accomplishing integration with their Google+ and Facebook accounts through a standard authorization procedure. It enables user to tag and comment on pictures, as well as add friends and flip through their photos.

The “My Pics” module demonstrates scrollable pictures of HoReCa establishments on the left side of the screen and small versions of photos taken there on the right side, scrollable as well. Users can either upload images from their device memory or take new ones with their device camera and upload them on the app, putting in the names of the places they are taken in and tagging friends. The input process is facilitated with autocomplete suggestions within the database provided by VeeVoce.

The “Others’ Pics” module offers a list of friends’ avatars on the left with their scrollable photos on the right, available in the full screen mode.


For estimation of the project completion date, Softeq team employed the PMI standards. The development went in line with Agile development guidelines.


The client is satisfied with Softeq’s performance and the deliverables featuring all required functionality. Intended for use across all the client’s affiliate locations visited by a significant number of multinational guests, the solution is now coming through final stages of implementation for free customer download.

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