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A powerful collaboration forges an award-winning DURATEQ assistive device based on HP iPAQ PDA platform. It started back in 2003 turning into “the most successful hardware project ever delivered for the company”, as testified by Disney.

Softeq employed HP’s innovative iPAQ PDA platform to craft an assistive technology driven device with custom firmware and software in only six months.

You’re aboard the JUNGLE CRUISE boat Volta Val gliding past elephants, hyenas and hippos. You’re about to meet Trader Sam the shrunken-head salesman. But what if you have a visual disability? How could you be included in the parts of this experience that depend on visual information? Or what if you’re deaf or hard of hearing and can’t hear what the skipper is saying? That is something the amusement parks' engineers have been thinking about for a long time. They wanted to develop an assistive device for guests to use at the destination's premises that would be easy to carry, could withstand rain and falls onto concrete, and ran all day long without the battery running out. Read more

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