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The company needed an experienced partner competent in the mobile domain, to take on the technical part of the overhaul.

With strong roots in mobile application development and a gamut of mobile business and gaming apps successfully delivered to a roster of global clients, Softeq was selected to perform the functional enhancements. The upgraded app was to run on Android devices and provide much friendlier experience to the current and future users.


NVision is a client server app designed to cover the hottest stories with high-definition visuals and video across games, apps, and technology. The stories are hand-picked and published by the Dialect editors and are then made accessible through the mobile app and NVision website.

Thanks to the functional enhancements implemented by the Softeq team, the app provides:

  • Multi format content feeds — text, images, video
  • Integration with social media
  • A user-friendly content view

To be able to implement the required functionality, the team had to deal with the legacy code — both on the client and the server side — which posed some support problems.

The revamped app attracted attention of NVIDIA, a world-leading graphics processing unit manufacturer. The team helped adapt NVision’s logic to NVIDIA’s internal needs and enable the app to aggregate content automatically through the RSS feeds.


The refactored mobile app has seen increased popularity, with the web application witnessing about 5,000 — 10,000 unique visitors daily. NVision Android application was featured on Google Play resulting in downloads increase. Over 100,000 users have been getting the latest scoop on what is coming next in technology and digital entertainment through NVision.

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