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NVIDIA corporation, the visual computing pioneering company for worldwide technology, the GPU (graphics processing units) leading provider, manufactures a comprehensive range of products within numerous platforms, high-load technologies and processors, combining the development process with an in-depth research, as well as partner and investment networking.


One of our longest-term clients, NVIDIA, required a team of specialists with a genuine expertise in Android app development and mobile utilities to build an application that would allow demonstrating the features of their new gaming products  — SHIELD and SHIELD Tablet — in isolated, “sandbox” mode.

Softeq was to build an application for SHIELD, enabling secure in-store demonstration of products’ capabilities to potential buyers while excluding damage of the sample’s settings. This is achieved through providing an isolated sandbox environment  — kiosk mode — preventing buyers from taking any kind of actions potentially threatening the system, such as changing Android settings, starting a browser, installing or removing apps.


The application’s UI offers two standard switchable Android desktop screens named “Games” and “About” with a number of pre-installed applications and media files to play with using the device’s smooth controls — the buttons, joystick, and two D-pads.

Kiosk’s key features:
  • Blocking: to prevent the user from accessing system settings the app overlays new activities with lock UI
  • Sample Games: once a potential buyer wishes to try playing, the .APK files of pre-downloaded games launch
  • Video and Music Playback: users can play back featured video and music files manually when the device is idle, or watch looping videos that start automatically
  • Standby Mode: when left in idle state, the system doesn’t enter the sleep mode, but keeps playing looping video while the device is charging
  • Product Showcase: the app provides comprehensive information about the device through the Information Bundle
  • Extendable Content System: authorized users can upload new content and partially update the view without building the app anew

Being the core component of the application, the Information Bundle contains the following data:

  • Detailed HTML instructions on using the device
  • Information about the view, name and position of the buttons
  • Screen structure: the number of screens and their nesting, the layout of the UI elements, mouse-over actions, and toast notifications
  • Background Image
  • .APK files of games
  • Videos


The Information Bundle was 4-8 Gb, and its size posed a certain challenge. Softeq’s team successfully resolved Android-specific errors occurring during processing of large data volume and accomplished the app’s implementation in line with the client’s expectations.


Given that the project was big and the scope of work was significant, the team employed the Iterative Development model with multiple design, development and testing iterations to ensure the implementation of a bug-free product.


The solution was successfully implemented on time and on budget with all required functionality in place. The customer was greatly satisfied with the team’s strong expertise, performance, and development skills, contributing to the strong longstanding cooperation between our companies.

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