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A startup founded to actively create new hardware and software products for existing tablets and smartphones.


The client developed a wireless attachable gadget for tablets based on Apple’s Magic Trackpad functionality. Fixed onto the back of the device, it allows a user to operate the tablet using its back just the same as if using the front touch screen. The company needed an experienced development service provider with proven Android competency and middleware implementation expertise.

To provide a user an even greater extent of convenience in using tablets via the gadget, the customer came up with an idea of implementing a capability of projecting the hand image holding the tablet onto the device screen. The projection was to be generated based on the hand touch points and overlay all the currently running apps. The customer teamed up with Softeq who perfectly matched the provider selection criteria.


To be able to implement the touch screen capability, Softeq’s team had first to modify the driver underlying the functionality of Apple’s Magic Trackpad. Once modified, the driver was to make the device operate as a Touch Screen instead of a Pointing Device. The middleware service was to enable the gadget to capture and analyze motion events, determine touch points of the fingers and render the results into a virtual hand image projected onto the tablet’s screen.

Powered by a refreshed Android core, the gadget was expected to be test-driven on Google’s Nexus 7 tablet.


Since the Android OS doesn’t allow capturing external applications’ events, the team had to dig into the system to extract the source data from the system core to figure out the input device identification and classification principles.


The developed middleware will allow using the gadget touch screen capabilities with any Android application.

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