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A startup company providing healthcare institutions with mobile and web software.


The idea of the app sprung from a personal situation of the customer: his close elderly relative lived independently and might require assistance in emergency cases. To keep track of the relative’s state, the customer was looking to obtain a user-friendly app capable of sending help and care requests.

Considering that the future solution was planned as a mobile app running on both iOS and Android, the customer was after a service provider with subject-matter expertise in multiplatform development.

The client tapped Softeq for its rich portfolio of projects for Healthcare, featuring Xamarin-powered solutions: mobile and web app for doctor-patient communication and sensor-rich smart sleeper.


The production version of the solution will employ the Alexa Voice Services. The system is meant to help people who live by themselves and are in need of care. The app keeps the user’s family or friends informed by sending them alert messages in case of emergency.

The system is a multiplatform mobile app compatible with iOS and Android devices that support Alexa Voice Services. The app runs on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Android devices from 4.4 and up.

In case the user needs care or household assistance, he/she can report the concerns either via the mobile app or Alexa devices. The contacts within the app that are marked by the user as the caregiving team receive notifications about the incoming requests.

Communication with Amazon Alexa is considered as the key functional capability of the future full-scale solution. Through the Amazon account, the user can register his/her caregiving team, so that it includes the care recipient, primary caregiver, and secondary caregivers.


The app employs the HTTPS communication protocol, which secures sessions through bidirectional encryption of client-server communications.


Happy with Softeq’s mobile software engineering expertise, the client tasked the team with building a detailed roadmap for further development stages.

The customer is looking to finalize the solution into a fully-fledged enterprise web and mobile platform synced at the back end with Alexa and integrated with several external systems.

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