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The customer, one of the biggest and most famous sports brands in the world, keeps its multi-million fan base nimble and motivated. With a roster of cutting-edge apps created to encourage sports lovers around the world to push their physical limits and reach for new heights, the company continues exploring and employing state-of-the-art technologies to connect and engage with the community, while keeping its brand image to a high standard.


Lately the customer has been sprouting new ideas to shape them into yet another cool and handy mobile tool targeting professional and semiprofessional athletes to create an even more rewarding and interactive experience, while packing an additional wow factor for the brand.

The future mobile app is expected to lend itself to the application in a variety of sports enabling users to:

  • Precisely time a sporting activity (up to the split second)
  • Watch a replay of the activity record in slowmo mode to learn from mistakes

The customer was looking for an outsourcing software development service provider with subject-matter expertise and relevant track record. As a mobile software development provider of choice to a number of global leaders, including NVIDIA, Atlas Copco, and HP, who have been exploring and employing advanced technologies as a foundation of their business or daily operations, Softeq perfectly met the client’s expectations. Moreover, its extensive embedded system and hardware engineering background worked as an added advantage for optimizing the hardware and onboard components utilization.

The project commenced as the app prototype development. Greatly satisfied with the preliminary version, the customer bets big on introducing the ready-to-launch app to the market.

Team Composition

Softeq assembled a project team of mature professionals with 4 years of mobile app design and development experience on average, proficient in the iOS and Android platforms.

  • 2 Senior Software Engineers
  • 1 QA Engineer
  • UI Designer
  • PM


Softeq developed an advanced mobile app prototype to prove the viability of an upcoming technology scheduled for a soon launch by the global sports giant.

The Proof-of-concept app demonstrated the ability of the target technology to realize more engaging digital brand experience and support the high standards associated with the company.

Functional Capabilities

The application allows shooting a video of a high-speed sports activity, which is then broken into frames for a slowmo playback, with the start and the end frame precisely timed and mapped. This is achieved through the following capabilities:

  • High fps rate video recording: 60 — 120 frames per second
  • Video replay at a normal rate that enables slowmo playback
  • Basic video editing
  • Up to the split second activity timing
  • Saving final video with the timing applied
  • Accurate stopwatch
Technical Characteristics

The application is expected to run on the iPad mini (iOS), HTC One X, and HTC One (Android).

The app is aimed to produce a 3.5-minute long video recorded at 60 fps with the resolution of 1280x720.


To ensure smooth sailing of the project, the team had to work around several problems.

Since each of the target mobile devices had its own video shooting specifics utilizing different frame rates, Softeq’s software engineers had to deal with a number of challenges caused by disparate APIs which had to be integrated to enable realistic and smooth slowmo playback on every device in question.

The team also had to sort out the problem of an unstable FPS rate during the video shooting to be able to realize the extra precise stopwatch capability.

To facilitate problem-solving, the Softeq team closely collaborated with the HTC specialists, who provided prompt feedback on all the submitted technical issues.


The customer is impressed with the competency and the service quality level demonstrated by Softeq, which is provided on the Fixed Price basis.

The team scrupulously met the project deadlines, delivering value for the money and profound niche expertise, resolving non-trivial algorithmic and hardware-related problems.

The project utilized the Agile methodology to be able to accommodate the frequently changing requirements.

The client is determined to continue its mission of equipping its worldwide community with advanced tools drawing on the latest technologies available on the market to deliver more compelling and personalized brand experience to the smartphones of its fans.

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