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A leading railway operator in Poland.


To make the most of the Lenovo tablets use across its ramified network of offices, a leading Polish railway operator asked the product manufacturer to modify the device’s ROM so that it enables the tablet to securely communicate with the server-side app and provide for remote application management and settings configuration.

To be able to accommodate this requirement within a short timeframe, the Client set out to engage a development company with a proven embedded system engineering background. Softeq was referenced by a partner as their preferred provider possessing mature technology expertise and project management skills.

Softeq was to create a low-level utility for the Lenovo A3500-H tablet to enable secure centralized app deployment, management, and settings configuration. It stands to mention that the team did not have access to the device’s ROM source code.


Once deployed, the smart utility was to provide for the following capabilities:

  • Automatic email client set-up (IMAP/POP3/Exchange)
  • Possibility to send server requests allowing or forbidding a user to:
    • - Turn on tethering
    • - Perform factory reset
    • - Remove certain applications


The team’s huge experience in low-level programming helped a lot to overcome multiple technical challenges posed by the project specifics.

  • Softeq managed to develop efficient methods for assembling and disassembling ROM’s binary image.
  • No access to the source code overcomplicated the task, but the team did find a way to modify the behavior of the compiled applications.
  • Our experts also delivered a custom methodology for updating the system packages without reflashing the image.


Softeq successfully delivered the low-level utility on time and on budget. It configures a number of system features and settings according to the requirements provided by the server-side solution thus helping securely manage apps and email client setup on numerous client instances.

It was deployed in 60 pilot Lenovo A3500-H tablets to be used by the railway operator’s staff members across multiple distributed locations.

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