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  • iOS
  • Objective-C


A world’s leading microprocessor manufacturer.


Since 2015, the customer has been successfully collaborating with Softeq, utilizing the company’s engineering skills and experience in custom software, wearable tech and proximity system development. Softeq’s team has been invaluable in helping verify the viability of a number of mission-critical tech ideas implemented based on the customer’s several flagship products. Drawing on a positive track-record of productive deliveries, the client hired Softeq to work on its next project — development of an iPad demo app for a professional basketball association in the U.S.

The iOS app was expected to aid a professional basketball association in managing players’ data, simulate trades and transactions, and assess budget changes.


Featuring a clear and intuitive design calling for great UX, the app enables sports managers and coaches to perform their day-to-day functions conveniently, using an iPad. The users have role-based permissions for different team members.

The Coaches have an option to:

  • View all teams and members
  • Drag one player from one team to another to review “what if” scenario
  • Save scenarios to the local device memory
  • Edit salaries locally

In addition to Coach’s capabilities, Managers can:

  • Edit player’s salary and statuses in the database

The app allows to save the scenarios history for the user to revise an old scenario to review changes. The app is integrated with the Kinduct API data and analytics software in order to retrieve data about players from the association’s database.


To be able to upload changes to the server, the user needs to enter one’s credentials.


Softeq’s team employed Scrum, an Agile project implementation methodology working in sprints.


The customer is happy about the app and the positive feedback of the association representatives. Having met the first phase goals completely, the team is ready to get down to implementing a host of additional features during the next phase.

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