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  • Objective-C
  • JavaScript
  • HTML


Working out digital solutions mainly for global healthcare clients, who are utterly concerned about information security, the customer sought for a service provider of established track record and excellent expertise in application development for iOS, as well as comprehensive skills in Baker Framework, OpenSSL and JavaScript obligatory for implementing the project.

Softeq was to build a user-friendly iPad application to capture handwriting on the screen while providing an utmost information privacy for the digital agency’s clients. The development was expected to enhance customer trust through safeguarding private information.


The application’s UI offers 2 HTML fields: the first one serves for textual information input such as email address, the second one is intended for signature drawing.

  • Printed and Handwritten Text Capture: the information entered by the user into both fields — typed using the keyboard and handwritten on the screen — is captured and stored.
  • E-signature Recognition: users make their signature on the touchscreen by drawing it with a finger or a stylus. The signature file is archived in order to serve later as the user’s identifier.
  • Multi-level Encryption: both textual information and signature come saved as JSON files encrypted with RSA and AES systems for secure transmission through an encrypted connection.
  • Web back-end: the application sends user’s files to a web server, making them easily accessible through the network. If the connection is lost, the data is saved locally and sent to the server later when it restores.


The app supports RSA and AES encrypted data exchange between the user and the back-end, employing JSON encoding schemes, transmitting files to the web server within HTTP connection.


The project employed Waterfall model in the software development process in order to track the progress through the sequence of stages and ensure early delivery.


The team has proved high performance and development skills delivering the app with all features well-functioning within the rapid deployment time lines. The solution is being scheduled for implementation in the Client’s upcoming commercial products.

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