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  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • .NET


A startup company created by a fashion model to bring more flare into social networking through a new user collaboration and entertainment experience.


The client needed a seasoned service provider with a broad mobile technology competency along with a profound video processing and video analytics solutions development background to create an iOS app from scratch. Having a comprehensive portfolio of projects including design and development of trendy custom photo apps with advanced filters and social networks integration, Softeq came on strong in the given areas.

Softeq was to deliver a nifty app operating by an Instagram-like principle and targeted at the audience of youngsters, to help the customer tap into the social networking domain.


The solution is a social networking app that enables users to share most exciting moments of their lives through posting photo and video stories in their accounts. The app features a complex photo- and video-processing functionality that includes a comprehensive set of filters, graphical parameters, visual effects, a choice of background music and editing options, as well a list of common networking capabilities like direct messaging, in-app search, and others.

Once logged in through an easy Facebook-based user authentication, the user is free to create a personal profile, add friends, create events, and send invitations, thus engaging those who joined in a collaboration on a story.

Within their common story, friends opt to become either participants or administrators — both roles give a permission to download photo and video content that gets harbored in a large database storage and then goes to Admin Timeline as a new footage to edit. While a group of users works on their story, its members can receive notifications about updates, add comments, create chats, and more. At a specified date and time, the story is published to the timeline of both participants and their followers.


As long as the advanced video processing was intended to be the main focus of the solution, the critical mission was to enable a smooth uploading and streaming of the user content. To implement the required functionality, the team had to work around several issues including video positioning failures and streaming channel overloads.


The project utilizes a combination of Scrum and Kanban project management methodologies to adapt to the changing scope of work.


Softeq’s team completed full-cycle solution development delivering a clean code app along with a reliable server-side infrastructure. The application is scheduled for release on the Apple App Store.

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