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  • Android
  • iOS
  • Nodejs


The inventor of a new sports game and the owner of the brand “Futchi”.


The client was looking to engage a service provider with profound mobile application development experience. Having mapped out an initial solution concept, they had some concerns regarding the implementation viability. Softeq’s development team weighed in on the potential risks associated with the project and suggested alternative ways for creating the required functionality.

The client aimed to create a social network dedicated to promoting a brand new ball sports game — Futchi, which they conceived to launch globally in the near future.


Softeq developed a multiplatform (iOS, Android) mobile app providing the following features:

  • Creating a user profile to connect with game fans globally
  • Expanding user profiles with activity streams
  • Push notifications
  • Ability to subscribe/follow other users
  • Tracking user’s progress in the global ranking
  • Integration with Facebook

The smart ranking of individual and group players created to boost the competitive spirit of the Futchi game fans relies on a scoring system driven by a complex algorithm.


Softeq’s team employed the Agile project implementation methodology working in sprints.


The team successfully delivered the multiplatform app. Happy with the development results, the client readily provides positive references about Softeq to other prospective clients with software application development needs.

The customer considers capitalizing on gamification and monetization possibilities during the next implementation iteration.

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