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  • Java
  • Android 
  • iOS  
  • Objective-C


Inteliscope LLC specializes in tactical firearm accessories using state of the art mobile electronics technology.


The client needed an experienced service provider with a profound mobile app development background and excellent understanding of hardware design and functional capabilities. Softeq came on strong in the given areas demonstrating proven skills and subject-matter expertise focused on mobile and low-level aspects.

Softeq had to take over the project started by another service provider who failed to deliver a workable app. The team was expected to fix the existing bugs and further complete the multiplatform mobile app (iOS, Android) designed to transform a mobile phone into a riflescope for tactical rifles, paintball markers, or airsoft guns.


Softeq’s team created Inteliscope app that provides for the following features:

  • Intuitive heads up display
  • 5X digital zoom
  • Library of selectable reticles
  • Ballistic drop compensation
  • Compass and GPS positioning
  • Local prevailing winds
  • Shot timer
  • Flashlight and strobe
  • Riflescope video recording (up to 3 GB) and upload to YouTube

The project implementation scope spanned:

  • App bug-fixing and functional improvement
  • Implementation of the in-app purchase capability for the Android app
  • Realization of YouTube video upload capability
  • Development of an algorithm enabling to attach Inteliscope’s promo clip to each video uploaded to YouTube
  • Building a back-end capable of automatic video processing and preparing it for upload to YouTube
  • Development of a mechanism for transferring and processing metadata about the ammo and number of shots made to the server to make the data available for purchase to gun manufacturers
  • Development of a mechanism for mapping the metadata to the video


During the project implementation a number of the functional areas required special consideration and development effort. Some of the challenges the team successfully handled include:

  • Development of the algorithm for attaching Inteliscope’s promo clip to videos that were recorded using a range of devices differing in resolution, codecs used and shooting speed
  • Development of the mechanism that allows precision linking of the metadata to the timeline
  • Achieving stable performance of the Android app on a handful of Android device models utilizing different kinds of in-built sensors differing in quality and functional parameters


The team employed the Waterfall development model going through each SDLC stage sequentially.


The team delivered the multiplatform app on time. Inteliscope is intended for use with the Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter attachable to a range of firearms. The app is available for download on Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

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