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  • Java
  • Android


A software development company focused on delivering innovative apps for interactive multi-touch panels


Softeq’s team was to contribute its development expertise to the common effort of creating an Android app runnable on tablets expected to be installed in table tops in a public eating place. The app was to enhance visitor’s experience at a café providing a host of interactive options — from a convenient food ordering to browsing websites while waiting for the order to be executed.


The app has the following features:

  • Food ordering
  • Chatting with other visitors
  • Possibility to play games
  • Browsing the Internet
  • Viewing advertisements


The team was involved in the development of the UI along with OS level software responsible for making the required changes in the system, as well as existing code refactoring which posed certain implementation challenges.


The team has met the project goals by delivering its chunk of work on time and on budget once again demonstrating outstanding subject-matter expertise and excellent proficiency in driving the communication processes across a distributed team.

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