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Gantom, a manufacturer of special effects lighting equipment catering to the themed attraction industry


Gantom has already taken Sofeq's mobile app development and firmware implementation skills for a spin. The collaboration yielded several solutions designed for the company’s proprietary DMX compatible lighting product range. Another project entrusted to Softeq by Gantom deals with a utility for upgrading lighting device firmware via an iPhone.

Developing a utility that would allow Gantom lighting fixture users to download and install firmware upgrades for the lighting devices using an iPhone.


The utility — Gantom DMX Updater — is a specialty tool used to install custom firmware or firmware upgrades onto Gantom’s compatible products. The iOS device and the device to be updated are connected via an auxiliary cable. The tool is only intended for use by trained professionals with Gantom’s compatible devices.

By manipulating the audio stream in real time, the app produces RS-485 serial interface signals to communicate with the lighting fixture.


The team had to come up with a special workaround to address the problem of signal attenuation during data transfer from the iPhone to a lighting fixture due to some physical limitations of the iPhone audio chip.


The team employed a conventional Waterfall-based software development process due to well-defined requirements availability.


The project was completed on time and on budget. The DMX Updater provides an added convenience for trained professionals to keep their Gantom’s compatible lighting equipment up-to-date.

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“As we started to have more demands from the industry for additional products, services, and software it made really good sense for me to contract out some work to Softeq. They allowed me to do more of a top level work […] while Softeq actually worked on the implementation. Being able to develop a mobile app version of the hardware programmer we used before was a tremendous win for us.”

Quan Gan
Gantom Lighting & Controls

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