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Microsoft and one of its reputable partners decided to join forces by integrating an otherwise standalone app supplied with the partner’s product into the default app pack included in the next Windows 10 release. The software was to demonstrate smooth performance within the Windows 10 environment, while retaining the branded look and feel.

Microsoft commissioned Softeq, its trusted development partner with proven mobility expertise, including hands-on Windows 10 experience, to implement the project.

Softeq was to develop an app prototype that would proof the viability of the idea to adapt the existing standalone app’s code to the UWP environment.


The team decoded the source code and performed rendering of the decoded frames. The UWP-adapted demo app rolls out in the Windows 10 environment to enable the product users to download media from the device and view it on a desktop PC. The app retains the branded look and feel, retaining the appearance of a device-native app.


The team employed the Kanban method for driving the project to keep a clear vision of the workflow and individual item progress for all the parties involved.


Unlike a standalone app supplied with the device and requiring a separate installation, the implemented prototype proved the viability of the idea well beyond expectations. The software demonstrated excellent performance in the Windows 10 default app pack environment, while retaining the look and feel of the original application. The app is runnable on mobile devices, desktop PC, and Xbox.

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