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  • C++
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American Messaging Service, provider of critical messaging services throughout the United States.


AMS required a reliable service provider highly proficient in low-level programming at large and in driver development in particular. As a core provider of paging services to the US medical professionals, AMS could not risk releasing to the market a faulty solution that might be an indirect cause of medical errors. This precaution put certain pressure on the development service provider to deliver exceptional quality coding. Thanks to Softeq’s multi-year experience in the low-level programming space, including driver implementation, complimented with well-coordinated communication process and demonstrated cost-efficiency, the company was an excellent fit for the project.

Softeq’s team was to create a driver for the pager used by AMS subscribers working in the healthcare field. Once a user installs special software, the pager can be set up and synchronized via a PC. AMS required for the installer download and setup process to run in the background, completely unnoticed for the end-user.


When connected to a Windows PC via a USB port, the pager is recognized by the system as a common device. Simultaneously the Windows Update service for installing the driver and downloading respective set-up software is launched. The installation process consists of the following steps:

  • Pager driver installation
  • Pager-specific software download from the customer’s server
  • Software installation

The driver has passed Microsoft’s WHQL test and has obtained the “Certified for Windows” status.


Developing drivers and driver installation software for Windows is a complicated and effort-consuming process. Given the specific nature of the pager installer and lack of real-world examples that could be used as reference guides, the team had to invest itself in the ground-up research of the matter based on the generic Microsoft developer documentation.


The team has perfectly met the customer’s expectation by delivering the product on time and on budget.

Certified by Microsoft, the driver is stored in the official Microsoft Update Catalog in 3 versions — Windows (64-bit and 32-bit) and Windows 8.1+ (64-bit) — available for download to the AMS subscribers who use PCs.

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