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Adjuster App LLC


The customer intended to give a go to a tech startup offering proprietary mobile and web software to insurance business clientele. Due to a lack of in-house software engineering expertise, the company was after a trusted offshore team capable of building a full-blown cross-platform solution from the ground up.

On top of boasting an extensive expertise in Xamarin cross-platform development, Softeq stood out for a robust business analysis performance complete with a well-defined vision of the solution’s architecture. The team’s capabilities closely met the selection criteria, so the customer contracted Softeq.


The solution is designed to automate the workflow of handling multiple types of insurance claims — from commercial and residential to vehicle ones. Via the mobile app, policy holders can promptly report on the insured event to their assurer and access the nearest adjuster to settle the claim.

Softeq was engaged to implement an end-to-end platform for automating insurance claim workflow. The solution is comprised of the following components:

  • a website
  • an admin portal
  • an iOS/Android mobile app complete with a custom API

The website is an aggregator of insurance companies with a licensed access to the core mobile app.

Web Admin Portal

Via the admin portal, the member companies manage their accounts, review adjuster applications, and handle assignments and invoices.

Mobile App

The mobile app is intended for adjusters and insured individuals or companies. The app’s key capabilities are as follows:

  • Registers adjusters, specifying location, skills, state licenses, and certificates
  • Makes proximity-based adjuster assignments on the fly
  • Generates questionnaire-like invoices based on adjuster proficiency, user occupation, policy type, loss reported, and the equipment utilized to fix the damage
  • Allows accessing the questionnaire offline


To enable a seamless access control, Softeq employed IdentityServer4-powered single sign-on user authentication. It allows the system administrators to access multiple modules of the platform at one go. As a means of keeping login data confidential and establishing a secure connection between the server and the web components, Softeq implemented a JSON token based authentication along with the SSL cryptographic protocol.


The solution’s invoicing logic required making the adjuster questionnaires customizable, scalable, and seamlessly accessible on demand. To achieve this, Softeq employed an XML tree-based storage module and ensured the questionnaire is available offline.

To ensure the consistency of the adjuster search and assignment processes, Softeq implemented persistent storage of the search history. If the browser fails, the cached data is saved without affecting the storage space. The automated query cleanup module discards data from the previous search as soon as the time for assigning a task to adjuster runs out.


The client considers a new scope of work for Softeq. The app was successfully launched in the app store.

“…Everything is going great! As far as I can tell, PM is doing an AMAZING job. I am happy that he has a question for me every so often. It makes me feel like I'm helping and gives me reassurance that things are being done correctly.”
Darron Beard
AdjusterApp LLC

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