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A U.S.-based automatic test equipment and virtual instrumentation software manufacturer.


The customer required a web-based PoC solution to verify their proprietary test data visualization system, originally mobile, could be made accessible on multiple platforms. Based in Texas, the client was considering local software development service providers with a proven web practice and hands-on skills in data visualization software.

Softeq boasts a two-decade long experience of implementing standalone web apps along with multi-level systems. Working on custom software development would often include a PoC stage before going full-scale and creating high-load, functional, interactive and secure web solutions. Softeq’s Texas-based location worked as an added advantage.

Softeq was to create an adaptive web-based Test Data Dashboard that would be equally accessible on smartphones, desktop computers, and tablet devices.


The team developed a web-based data dashboard demo for visualizing electronic device test results through a set of widgets provided by the customer (e.g. Charts, TextArea, Progress Bar, Integrated Values, Hero widget etc.).

Working on a smartphone, desktop computer or tablet, the user can drag-and-drop and resize widgets, displayed uniformly irrespective of the target device, to present test data in a coherent way.

The solution is capable of sourcing and processing data directly from the customer’s server.


Softeq’s team employed Scrum, an iterative and incremental agile software development methodology, to optimize the delivery flow.


Designed to visualize, create, and code engineering systems, while shortening test time and facilitating business insights based on collected data, the customer’s flagship product has been successfully future-proofed for possible web-based enhancement.

The project was delivered on schedule and within budget.

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