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  • Clojure
  • Nodejs


The client is a seasoned private investment fund that builds its trading strategies employing innovative technologies, such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, distributed computing, and more.


To help create and seamlessly integrate new functionality into the existing solution environment, the client required a team of specialists with a proven experience in both front-end and back-end development domains, capable of tapping into the project in the middle of the production phase. Based on the company’s demonstrated expertise in the given areas, Softeq was selected to carry out the implementation.

As long as the solution is a notepad-like development environment positioned as a universal programming languages translator, it requires regular functional upgrading to stay up-to-date. Softeq was assigned to deliver a clear front-end for a new service and create a Clojure-powered web back-end intended for the future monetization of the tool. The scope of works also included adding support for several new languages along with updating those existing language plugins, migrating datasets, and optimizing the system’s UX/UI.


The solution’s plugin-based microservices architecture enables users to neatly transfer values and objects between programming languages, all within the same notepad-like document, as well as easily switch those languages, or add support for new or preferred ones. Targeted mostly at the audience of data scientists working with large datasets, the system provides for a unique environment to explore the new ways to process and visualize information, as well as immediately discover patterns of the data to analyze.

A web portal enables authorized users to create personal accounts for initial code input, data evaluation, and tasks submission. Once submitted to the server, the user data gets validated and compiled into front-end widgets, including tables, diagrams, maps, and more. As far as the solution features common social networking capabilities, one may opt to share the results with other users or promote them.


Since Softeq took the project over from another company without having a roadmap, the team faced the challenge of handling an uncommon functional programming language that features a comprehensive set of both front-end and back-end frameworks, within a tight timeline.


The app employs a secure connection with user authentication and authorization steps.


Softeq successfully delivered the alpha version of the solution in line with the client’s requirements. The team continues enhancing the system to provide an updated user experience. The client’s feedback on the team’s performance is absolutely positive.

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