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  • iOS
  • Objective-C
  • PHP


The client’s business is in game development and entertainment areas leveraging novel technologies to deliver new experiences to habitual entertainment.


Due to limited in-house tech expertise, the client was after a trusted service provider to carry out development of a custom mobile application with a web backend. Drawing on a successful track record of previous cooperation, the client assigned the project to Softeq’s team of mature software engineering specialists with demonstrated extensive knowledge of iOS and web technologies.

As the client’s company operates on a B2B market, they required a good-looking and smoothly functioning demo app intended as part of their new offering to broadcasting companies. The solution was supposed to feature a visually appealing and user-friendly UI design.


Softeq developed a prototype of an iOS app that supports live interactive improvisational TV. The solution enables users to participate in actor casting and directly influence the plot of the show on the air. The app functions in two major ways, one being a data poll taker and the other as a game that rewards constant use with extra points. On scoring high the user appears on the leader board and becomes an actor in the next episode. Integrated with a web CMS, the solution allows the client to manage the polling scheme, control subscriber/actor base, and access the statistics and analytics modules.


Despite all functionality limitations specified in the customer requirements for the demo app, the team managed to deliver a smoothly running solution at no extra cost without compromising the UI design quality.


The project utilizes Kanban methods that employ adaptive management approach enabling all the team members to get a full view of the development process, thus ensuring just-in-time delivery.


Softeq completed the project in line with the customer specification demonstrating excellent technical and project management capabilities. Satisfied with Softeq’s service quality, the customer plans to create an Android version of the solution. The teams on Softeq’s and client’s sides are working on ideas for new functionality enabling users to engage in social networking within their existing accounts.

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iOS Mobile App for Live Interactive Improvisational TV | Softeq


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