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The customer envisioned a solution that would help users cope with emergency situations, remotely keep track of the relatives’ wellness state, as well as keep in touch with dedicated communities. Softeq stood out for impressive track record and demonstrated experience in application development across mobile and web domains, along with responsive design skills and web backend implementation.

Create a multiplatform client-server solution prototype and work out a detailed technical specification for implementing the required functionality.


The mobile part relies on three functional modules, each with its own major designation — engage, connect, emergency — connected with the core through APIs.

The prototype backend provides for content and user management capabilities.

Key Features (including potential):

  • User registration that also includes medical details for referring to in an emergency situation (e.g. blood type, drug allergies, etc.)
  • Stealth audio and video recording without preview on the device screen
  • GPS-based event/accident location
  • Chat and voice call communication (Click-to-call)
  • Sending/receiving SOS notifications from select contacts
  • Posting multimedia content, text and images (events/accidents) to social networks
  • Live advisor consulting
  • Geo-fencing — alerting the contact upon reaching or leaving a predefined place

The web app features a responsive design to match the target device screen resolution and layout and provide an optimal viewing and interaction experience.


Softeq helped the client verify the feasibility of the ideas behind the app’s features and transform the vision into a well-defined roadmap for implementing the solution across the target platforms.

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