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Familiar with these nuances,, a German entertainment software and casual game development company based in Berlin, thought it would be great to embrace the mobile technologies to aid both the aspiring and existing drivers in preparing for the challenge.


Cerasus hired Softeq to tap its mobile expertise and talent for crafting an Android application that would help students master the road regulations and/or acquire special knowledge in driving a selected vehicle type. The application contains the latest official version of test questions (stored in the .csv format database) covering a complete list of vehicle categories randomly displayed to the student.

The app designed to be run on smartphones and tablet devices also works both with the Internet connection available and without it.

Upon completing the training, the students can also take a shot at passing a virtual driving test, which is a simulation.

The application has the following features:

  • Training mode — allows a user to go through a complete list of questions related to the selected vehicle category (-ies)
  • Results — possibility to view the statistics on the number of passes/fails during the training/test and mark the toughest questions for further drilling
  • Test mode — enables a user to take an emulated test on the selected vehicle category (-ies)
  • Settings — possibility to modify the training/test settings
  • Guest test — possibility to share the app with a friend for a trial use
  • Extra functions, including cross-app ads in a free app version, getting instant feedback, ‘Tell a Friend’ about the app, free updates.


Despite the German mobile application market features a number of similar apps, the mobile driving license app developed by Softeq provides some distinct advantages over the competition thanks to:

  • High usability and good UX
  • Stability of the application
  • Higher portability and interactivity

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