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Buzztime, Inc., a U.S. producer of interactive entertainment delivered through its flagship product — Buzztime, which broadcasts trivia and other games via broadband over a national network to over 4,000 bars and restaurants in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.


The client was looking to improve the mobile extension of Buzztime — Buzztime Mobile Playmaker — which functionally lagged behind the latest smartphone capabilities. Buzztime, Inc. expected the service provider to be competent enough to dig into the legacy code of the multiplatform mobile app, fix the bugs and suggest further enhancements.

The customer wanted to improve the performance of the iOS and Android app to enable mobile visitors of the designated bars and restaurants to have a more entertaining and engaging experience of the catering location.


The app allows playing along with Buzztime’s Trivia, Sports and Card games from a user’s Android/iOS device at any of 4,000 locations in North America. The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker offers fans an alternative to Buzztime’s traditional game console (aka the Playmaker) and provides added features such as a Buzztime location finder.


  • Connect to Buzztime: Register or log in with your existing Buzztime Username and Password
  • Find Buzztime locations near you: The Buzztime Mobile Playmaker uses your GPS location to provide you a list of the nearest Buzztime locations. Simply select the location that you’re in, or check out other locations in the neighborhood
  • Play Buzztime: Select from the Buzztime games airing at the location you’re in, and play along with the rest of the Buzztime community, locally and nationally

Besides on-demand bug-fixing and improvement, Softeq’s team implemented the following enhancements:

  • Location finder and distance calculation capability to enable the app to disconnect from the server, should the user move away from the designated location area they had registered with
  • Team collaboration — possibility to play games as a group
  • Server responses parsing to accurately process a long data string


Softeq revamped the legacy code, while delivering ongoing support and bug-fixing of the application for the iOS and Android devices. The teams discuss further options for updating user experience to keep pace with the technological advancements, which may involve complete overhaul of the solution.

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