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The client’s business is a medical institution that provides rehabilitation and pain management for sportsmen in several locations across the USA.


The customer needed a hand in exploring their innovative product’s concept for viability. Softeq stood out through its solid track record of proven R&D capabilities.

Softeq was to help develop a wearable product for tracking motion of all four limbs and torso and wirelessly gathering biomechanical data. The solution was intended to aid sportsmen in honing their skills by defining which of the user’s efforts or movements (such as baseball pitches, golf swings, jump shots, and others) were the best ones, and setting them as a benchmark.


The product is a multi-sensor device measuring a set of activity, health, and motion parameters and providing haptic or bio feedback for both negative and positive reinforcement of a particular behavior. Employed by healthcare practitioners, the device allows tracking progress of rehabilitating patients and finding ways to optimize their outcomes based on real-time data.

The solution has a battery and multiple sensors, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a heart sensor, along with a vibration motor to provide haptic feedback. To enable tracking the athlete’s movement in 3 dimensions, the wireless devices are placed bilaterally on the extremities, while a separate belt sensor is mounted on the trunk.

A mobile solution tracks and retrieves data from the sensors for statistical analysis of the relative motion, power, or velocity, to figure out a perfect movement for the player in question. The app sends a signal to the wearable device which provides instant feedback using different vibration patterns for wrong and correct performance.

A web portal enables medical or training staff to remotely provide patients or athletes with health guidelines and send them to the users’ mobile phones.


The stats data from the wearable sensors is stored on a secure web server.


Softeq’s team compiled a detailed product requirements document that provides a step-by-step roadmap for software implementation, while extending an expert vision on solution’s potential application.

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