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Softeq’s Web Practice Gains Momentum

We talked to Paul Filipovich, Softeq's key Java expert, and nipped off 15 minutes of his busy schedule to discuss the strategic development of the Enterprise Web Solutions team. Let's take a look at the synergy created at the intersection of Softeq's classical low-level and mobile skills and how it allows building enterprise-class software that rocks! Take a moment to read our interview with Paul and feel free to inquire privately how we could help.

Paul, the launch of an independent Web Development Competency Center at Softeq back in 2013 came as a surprise to some. What was the rationale behind it?

We had laid the groundwork for this diversification a few years before that, and in 2013, when we saw the market vibrating, it was the perfect time to launch.

First, we noticed our clients seek comprehensive, wrapped and packaged offerings comprising a wider scope from the same vendor they trust and already have a positive track record with. Under those circumstances, that step was unquestionably logical.

Second, it was less of a surprise if you looked closer at the services’ specifics — it was still large-scale complex solutions, content-heavy, highly integrated, and processing huge amounts of heterogeneous data — from raw data extracted from machinery to real-time video streams.

Is Softeq’s core expertise in embedded software development and hardware skills of any help for you now?

Absolutely! Web development in our company started from a number of projects where we brought together components, devices, and even industrial equipment with backend analytical toolsets and online frontend user interface integrated with multiple web services. When your team knows digital signal processing and ETL-processes from the sensor level all the way up to the strategic enterprise-class data, it allows designing web apps that rock.

We also cooperate with Softeq’s Mobile Development Team to leverage their exceptional knowledge of mobile platforms in building comprehensive business solutions with productive web backends, middleware, data connectors and server-side applications.

Apart from what you've already mentioned, what types of web-enabled apps do you deliver?

These are high load and distributed enterprise-class apps that are scalable and highly accessible. We are deeply knowledgeable in SaaS-solutions and Cloud-ready software and will continue helping our clients live on the technology edge.

In more business terms, we know multiple domain areas in and out, including business automation and application integration, content management from workflow management to multimedia content distribution, video streaming and IPTV, eLearning, eCommerce, Portals and Social Networks and many more.

Do you have anything special in the pipeline right now?

A number of projects. One is a microclimate monitoring system in Java. Based on JBoss application server clusters, the app analyzes the data collected from multiple distributed temperature and humidity sensors installed across production facilities. The solution allows sensor management via a powerful web interface and delivers the statistics results and dynamics to rich dashboards.

Another one I’d feature is a custom ERP development project, that helps a large enterprise with monitoring and managing current projects, forecasting and balancing staff workload, generating complex reports, and facilitating operational decision-making.

How powerful is your team?

Currently the core Web Development team at Softeq numbers almost five dozen people, and we’re expanding every month. Java still prevails technology-wise, but we’re expanding our might with open source stacks, MEAN as well as .NET. The average experience in engineering web apps in our team exceeds 7 years.

We practice Agile and SCRUM, alongside traditional methodologies, and there are Certified SCRUM Masters, Java Certified Programmers, and Microsoft Certified engineers on board. 

The project track record is pretty remarkable: our specialists participated in complex web enablement initiatives of such demanding clients as Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, MTV Networks, and NVIDIA.

Any measurable goals for the next 12 months?

Sure, and very ambitious! We plan doubling our resource base at the very least.

Sounds promising! Best wishes to you and the team, and thanks for the chat!

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