Enterprise Web Development



    — the categorical need to protect sensitive internal and clients’ information imposes certain mandatory requirements onto enterprise web solutions, insofar as it refers to multitier data security, flexibly customized permission system and stronger access control and user management


  • System Integration


    — while stretching the functionality muscle and fueling resource and supply chain management with tech-savvy solutions, we unite all instruments, repositories and dashboards for transparent new-age management of daily operations and better business connectivity


  • Accessibility


    — helping businesses access their assets, from data to collaboration and business process governance tools, anytime anywhere online or via mobile ensures faster decision-making and less overheads


  • Scalability


    — corporate web systems and IT infrastructure need to support, not restrict, the company’s growth allowing easy maintenance, maximum uninterrupted availability and scalability — not requiring extra budgeting

Enterprise Portals and Collaboration

From business analysis and process mapping through architecture design and data flow modeling all the way to web resource integration with various online services and robust business systems — Softeq delivers full-featured enterprise-level portal solutions.

Softeq covers the full cycle of web portal development:

  • Intranets and extranets
  • Portal integration
  • ECM/EDM solutions
  • BI portals or BI components integrated in the portal
  • Team Workspaces
  • Knowledge Management
  • HR Portals
  • Business workflow automation
  • Enterprise Search
  • Discussion Boards
  • Blogs, Forums and Wikis
  • Notifications and IM
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Project & Task Management Interfaces
  • ETL solutions and data connectors
  • Database optimization

Business Intelligence

With an unmatched expertise in engineering and full-cycle programming of firmware and software for enterprise-level data storage solutions, Softeq is ultimately competent in further processing and representation of data. We help extract raw data from heterogeneous sources, including Data Warehouses, business applications, online services, as well as low-level systems, devices, and even sensors; transform and represent it in an informative, visually rich way, building:

  • Data Integration tools / ETL Tools
  • Data Warehousing Tools
  • Data Processing & OLAP Tools
  • Reporting & KPI Tools
  • BI Portals (including dashboard driven data visualization, interactive charts and tables)
    Our BI solution implementation experience covers the following domains
  • Software and Technology
  • Service Provision
  • Finance and Banking
  • Product Manufacturing
  • CRM Analytics
  • Big Data processing, including mathematical modeling and hardware based solutions



We help improve online buyer experience with the brand resulting in stronger bond between the brand and the consumers and increased customer loyalty. Elaborate reporting and in-depth analysis, visibility into traffic fluctuations and buyer behavior provide a better marketing insight and facilitate million dollar worth of online transactions:

  • ePayment Solutions / Integration
  • Mobile Commerce
  • B2B Marketplaces, Service Portals, Auctions
  • Online stores, eChannels integration
  • Loyalty solutions

Enterprise Content and Knowledge Management

Softeq team knows the true value of information and helps enterprises build advanced solutions for data, document and knowledge management to organize and reuse digital content efficiently.

Portal-based knowledge management allows classifying business operational data and archived document in order to further aggregate, store, publish, and share critical information and re-use best practices. Enterprise digital content repositories fit with filters, version tracking, search and other critical functional instruments enable secure, permission-based access to the relevant data to all employees through web interfaces — without delay or hindrance.

Workflow Management

We help medium-sized and large enterprises automate their heterogeneous interdependent workflows by enabling online access to corporate data (via a portal solution, if relevant) and corporate systems thus reducing the number of routine operations and increasing the process manageability and efficiency. Some of the examples include project and task management, enterprise decision management, documents management, and the like. We also develop ERP style web systems supporting order management, billing, inventory management, delivery management, etc.

Deployment of a Workflow Management System (WfMS) means equipping your management team with a flexible multifaceted tool that only handles current operational task and boosts quality of work and cross-functional collaboration of all stakeholders of the process.

Whether you already have a suite of business management tools in place or are inclined to build, upgrade or integrate a web-based workflow management solution, consider commissioning a competent team with relevant expertise and an intimate knowledge of the required functionality, including:

  • Workflow modeling
  • Workflow automation
  • Task initiation and control
  • Document routing
  • Activity logging, tracking, and monitoring
  • Event alerts and notifications
  • Data backup and archiving
  • Secure web access
  • Interactive Q&A-based task processing
  • Integration with any business application or web service