Enterprise Mobility


Corporate Mobile App Development and Integration

Our enterprise mobility offering is supported with enterprise web development expertise and is a natural add-on to our competency of digitalizing and mobilizing corporate business processes. We possess hands-on experience in Enterprise Mobile Application development and integration, including mobile back-end development, complex server-side ETL solutions, and data protection. The mobile applications we create provide intuitive and convenient user experience, while supporting efficient bi-directional communication between the handheld and the corporate system in the back-end, thus helping enterprise users on-the-go access mission-critical data and corporate systems via smartphones and tablets any time, anywhere.

Building Productive Solutions for Business

At Softeq we are fit to build native apps for Android and iOS. If you need you app on both platforms, we recommend creating a cross-platform app on Xamarin — a cross-platform development framework most suited for enterprise mobility solutions. Thus you will respond to code redundancy and device OS fragmentation issues and cut approximately 20% of your app development budget compared to two separate native applications. Softeq’s developers will write mobile apps that are easily portable across various platforms, and aid with unleashing built-in device functionality, delivering a smooth user experience and high integration capabilities — both critical for a successful business app.


Facilitate business process management, internal collaboration, while providing on-the-fly access to consolidated corporate information.


Drive profitability with sales enablement tools linking all integral elements of the sales chain. Leverage ample opportunities to engage with the consumers, inspire loyalty, and build a stronger bond with the end-users.


Support promo and marketing operations of the enterprise, enable secure and easy access to corporate systems such as Customer Portals, B2B online services, etc.

Addressing Tech & Security Requirements

We have detailed typical fine points that you need to pay attention to when working on a new mobile solution for corporate use — based on our experience. When discussing your project, already on the pre-sales stage, Softeq’s business analysts and tech leads will raise these concerns to help you timely mitigate the risks by overcoming these challenges.


Connect existing software ecosystem to a mobile client without reworking the backend infrastructure; Integrate the mobile business app with heterogeneous data sources, web services, payment gateways, as well as any 3rd party SDKs;


Multi-level encryption of sensitive data, including corporate messaging, databases, personal profile’s data, access details, and mission-critical financials; Secure data exchange between the app and the backend;


Revisiting legacy apps to improve their performance when budget pressure doesn’t allow from-the-scratch development; Easy and cost-efficient adaptation for the new OS versions;


Performance analysis; All-round testing and continuous QA to prevent, discover or fix potential vulnerabilities and ensure predictable, stable connectivity, performance and functioning of the app;

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Should you plan to leverage the mobile technology as a go-to to enhance business process efficiency enterprise-wide, as a means of interacting with consumers, as a sales and marketing channel in your eBusiness, or as a networking facility, our competency in custom mobile development is instrumental in bringing together your employees and resources, products and buyers.