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eCommerce Development. Full-Scale Solutions

Built to respond to the latest demand in eCommerce enablement and provide optimized mobile access with more quality and diverse digital content involved, our solutions embrace new ways for businesses to outperform competition, build loyalty, drive sales, and engage with their target audience.

Solution Expertise

Our understanding of the processes inherent of eCommerce lends itself perfectly to implementing the following solution types:

  • Online Stores
  • B2B Marketplaces, Service Portals, Auctions
  • ePayment Solutions / Integration
  • Purchase-to-Pay Solutions, eProcurement Solutions

Industry Expertise

We’ve amassed rich eCommerce web development expertise developing powerful solutions for a host of domains:

  • Consumer Goods and Products
  • Digital Content and Media Distribution
  • Business Services
  • Customer Care

  • ePayment

    ePayment Solutions: Compliant with Rigorous Security Standards

    An indispensable part of any eCommerce solution, ePayment solutions must comply with the rigorous security standards and enable around the clock stability, accessibility, and visibility into the service, as well as seamless connectivity with a host of processing endpoints/payment gateway integration. Softeq’s team possesses hands-on experience in building online payment processing systems with advanced fraud protection capabilities — from credit card processing, mobile payment processing, to online wallets and virtual POS and Payment Management System implementation.

  • B2B

    B2B & B2C Marketplaces and Auctions:
    Ample Profit Opportunities

    Our team has gained a strong foothold in crafting marketplaces and auctions that aid businesses in matching their supply capabilities with demand. The B2B and B2C portals we deliver are powered by promo engines, bidding, delivery, billing and accounting systems along with payment gateways and analytics processing systems. They support smooth operational workflows for presenting, marketing, and selling products to potential customers. Our marketplaces and auctions provide merchants ample profit opportunities through cross-border real-time collaboration, more precise targeting, content personalization, streamlined supply chain management, and more.

  • Omline Stores

    Online Stores: Seamless Shopping Experience

    The online stores created by Softeq’s team help bridge the gap between offline and online providing a seamless shopping experience across multiple channels, including mobile. Integrated with social media, data aggregation and analysis mechanisms in the back-end, cross-platform enabled, our online solutions serve as effective sales boosters and compelling consumer engagement tools.

  • Mobile Access

    Mobile Access and Social Networks

    Supplementing an online storefront with a mobile version and providing social networking capabilities have become indispensable for any modern eCommerce solution. We offer a holistic approach to creating advanced and highly usable eCommerce and mCommerce platforms packed with most sought after features offering a highly interactive and compelling consumer experience.

Leverage Data, Objects and Real-time Analytics for Informed Decision-making

Drawing on years of extensive practice in web-based software development for enterprises and SMBs, we’ve gained deeper insight into the everyday needs and challenges associated with supply chain management, supplier performance measurement, as well as cost optimization requiring any-time anywhere access to multi-source business data. Transformed into a solid knowledge base, our competency makes us more than fit to deliver easy-to-use P2P solutions that provide a complete picture of procurement processes, purchasing and spending patterns, as well as possible risks and ways for mitigating them based on comprehensive real-time analytics.

Physical objects have turned to be invaluable sources of data and mediators relaying our messages to target audience. We can help you capitalize on data and objects that your brick-and-mortar business holds in store with iBeacon & BLE beacon apps. Softeq employs its tech savvy in the nascent iBeacon/BLE field to bring your projects to fruition in the following areas:

  • Contactless payments
  • Indoor navigation & mapping
  • Micro-location ad targeting
  • Proximity marketing
  • Check-in coupons & cross-sales retail
  • In-store analytics
  • Smart logistics & vehicle tracking
  • Warehouse management

Maintainable Years Down the Line

The four essential benchmarks that define the business strength and functional power of any eCommerce solution are scalability, security, functionality, and interactivity. Softeq’s extensive experience with such versatile and highly productive stacks as .NET and Java ensures the solutions we release remain technologically current, flexible, and fully protected years down the line.

  • Security

    Security: Compliant with the Key Data Security Standards

    We understand the pressure put on the eCommerce service providers to deliver highly reliable, responsive, and secure service with the sensitive information kept duly protected and confidential. At Softeq we implement our solutions in line with the PCI DSS standard, as well as best data security practices, including OWASP recommendations.

  • Scalability

    Scalability and Performance:
    Growing with the Business Needs

    To make sure the deployed eCommerce platform is capable of accommodating the growing needs of a company in processing larger number of visits, user accounts, inventory, and transactions, the solution is built on top of a multi-tier architecture. This translates into greater flexibility with implementing changes across the presentation, application processing, and data management functions, expanding the solution vertically and horizontally.

  • Functionality

    Functionality: Powerful Business Accelerators

    We deliver functionally rich eCommerce solutions that leverage real-time analytics on user behavior and traffic patterns and serve as efficient business accelerators through a wide array of front-end and back-end capabilities.

  • Interactivity

    Interactivity: Real-time User Engagement

    The online solutions we develop open up numerous ways for making user interaction with the target resource a rewarding and exciting real-time experience. Lean and responsive, our web-based systems support multi-format quality content publishing, which is framed into a neat and appealing layout supplemented with intuitive web forms.

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