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Video Streaming and Conferencing

Softeq employs its real-life knowledge of video streaming domain to deliver top-notch TV Everywhere experience, crisp HD quality and stable performance to end-users, build intermediate middleware solutions and low-level apps for hardware device communication and data interchange.

Video Analytics and Camera App Development

We offer deep expertise in camera software development and building business solutions that leverage custom digital imaging, video streaming and video content analytics features to innovate, automate and increase productivity of various business processes. Our diverse technical experience in hardware, systems apps, connected objects and networking protocols add great value — we have full-stack engineering capabilities in-house to deliver custom development services satisfying your requirements end-to-end.

IP Telephony: VoIP and SIP Communication

With hand-picked software engineering talent onboard and understanding of vital IP communication principles, Softeq contributes to the development of top-level IP telephony solutions from basic VoIP apps to enterprise-grade applications with extended functionality that unify different aspects of corporate and business-level communication.

eCommerce Solutions

Whether you’re an in-the-trenches eCommerce veteran or just testing the waters of doing business online, we’re always ready to extend our technological savvy to help you make the most of your business efforts. Our skillful web engineers keep finger on the pulse of the best practices and latest trends of the eCommerce industry to create multi-functional, nimble, secure, and responsive solutions — from online stores, marketplaces and auctions to ePayment systems and mCommerce apps — that provide highly interactive, real-time, personalized user experience across multiple channels.

Social Integration

From socially-enabled collaborative portals along with social CRMs and e-Commerce to mobile VoIP and wearable devices pumped up with social features — these are just a few examples of how we could help your organization reinforce the social side of your business. Our team sports years of full-on implementation experience across web, mobile, and embedded along with strong social networking integration skills to craft solutions that help you connect and engage with your target audience, while delivering more seamless, interactive and personalized encounter with your brand.


Taking advantage of profound tech competence in mobile and web development complemented by hands-on knowledge of education paradigm in digital era, Softeq creates e-Learning tools that are truly interactive and instill collaboration and learning in various environments from preschool and K-12 institutions to higher education establishments to professional and corporate training programs.

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