Software Integration

Comprehensive integration solutions for online services, payment systems, data warehouses, mobile solutions, and enterprise applications.

How We Can Help

At Softeq we provide reliable software integration for a wide range of solutions — from lightweight web and mobile apps to complex load-resistant systems dealing with large data and content volumes. Our application integration services aim at bringing efficiency, agility, flexibility, and scalability to the companies seeking to streamline business processes, eliminate operational bottlenecks, ensure data validity and uniformity across existing information vaults, application silos, and locations. This is achieved through:

  • Smooth data flows and routine task automation that leverage a variety of solution and technology mixes
  • Process continuity and consistency
  • Data accessibility and security across distributed infrastructures and disparate corporate solutions

Relevant System Integration Experience

Softeq’s software integration engineers possess the knowledge and the experience necessary for building complex architectures capable of supporting real-time, event-driven or message-based operating environments.




  • API development
  • Third-party online services API integration
  • Social media integration
  • Media content storages and distribution networks integration
  • SMTP servers / E-mail engines integration
  • SMS gateways integration


  • Complex ETL solutions
  • Smart Data Connectors
  • Distributed databases and data synchronization across dispersed locations



We’ve garnered profound experience in employing major methods for building and interfacing with Web services such as SOAP and REST, as well as extensive knowledge of lower level networking protocols such as UDP, PPP, EtherCAT, x.25/x.28, WiFi, and Bluetooth.


Being a highly-extensible XML-based protocol standard, SOAP is language, platform, and transport independent, which makes it a method of choice for implementing more complex multi-component systems.


A lighter weight efficient and fast alternative to SOAP. It supports a standard HTTP request and response mechanism enabling a direct point-to-point communication among the systems. REST is a great fit for incorporating Web services into simple web applications or mobile apps. Depending on the integration goal and data structure complexity, we use a relevant data-interchange format, with XML and JSON keeping the lead.

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