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Elaborate on the Content

Softeq helps companies go beyond straightforward storing and archiving documents. We provide a holistic approach to building various content-centric systems to companies who seek well-managed experiences and cost-cutting on information delivery, publishing and reuse across the entire stakeholder network, from content creator or news source through analysts and business decision makers to external partners, field staff and online customers:

  • Content Repositories
  • Electronic Document Management System
  • Information Discovery and Retrieval
  • Content Aggregation
  • Content Management System
  • Advanced Indexing and Enterprise Search
  • Digital Asset Management

Features and Modules

With highly secure access, instant availability, a well-structured back-end, and no design and usability compromises, content-centric applications built by Softeq make full-featured, comprehensive toolsets that help businesses integrate, process and leverage content at every point of their records continuum.

  • Content Browsing
  • Document Lifecycle Management
  • Document Workflow Management
  • Document Renditions
  • Versioning and Collaboration
  • Links and Virtual Doc Support
  • Multi-media Editorial Toolset
  • Non-technical Content Creation and Publishing
  • Content Targeting and Retargeting

  • Navigation
  • Glossary Search
  • Full-Text Search with Meta-Data Search
  • Multi-level Membership System
  • Universal control panel / CMS admin area
  • User Management
  • User Authentication
  • Role-based Access
  • Information Rights Management
  • Online Ads Management

  • Alerts and Notifications
  • Recruitment Campaign Management
  • Orders and Subscription Management
  • Social Integration
  • Polls and Surveys
  • Stats and Reporting
  • Integration with Media Libraries
  • Tagging and Rating
  • Client Integration
  • Storage and Archiving

Content-driven Service Line

On top of cutting-edge digital content management platforms, integrated with your company-wide information infrastructure and smoothly leveraging the entire ecosystem’s resources and other products, Softeq’s solutions blend years of web development experience with business process understanding to render end-to-end content-driven services:

  • Business analysis and process reengineering
  • Content strategy development
  • Content management system development
  • Solution customization
  • Architecture review
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Legacy application upgrade
  • Third-party and open source components and add-ons implementation

Ins and Outs of Content Management

Optimization and Findability
Softeq offers its best practices to ensure information retrieval behavior on the enterprise level is as habitual as within your hard drive. For that, we help both restructure the existing content categorization methods and introduce efficient metadata encoding and capturing.
Relevance and Quality Come First
The major requirement to any content-centric solution is that it helps reach out to the most relevant, up-to-date and meaningful content item, be it a document, a file or any other data record. We know how to avoid duplications or loss of content across multiple systems and deliver to the user what he’s be expecting promptly.
Complexity is a Challenge
With corporate data dynamically evolving, interdependencies of different entities and content types presents a major challenge to an ECM / DMS implementation. Our content management professionals will help you map your content initiatives to the business goals, apply forward planning, and eventually create a roadmap for efficient content governance.
Cross-device Accessibility
After the content management solution is rolled out, enterprise information resources or content you are striving to monetize can only morph into a growth point, revenue generator or competitive advantage if they are available to the audiences or business users at any time 24/7 across all devices. Enterprise solutions impregnated with sensitive data are well-protected and provide a secure single point access.

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